With my host child Theo- never feel alone.

Ophelia’s Diary.

The happiest part of being an Au Pair is having a lovely host child accompany me all the time. With Theo’s accompany, I will never feel alone.

Au pair Ophelia with Theo

Grandma even said that I am Theo’s first girlfriend. It was so nice of her said like that. Now as Theo’s ‘girlfriend’, I would like to share some interesting stories about him with you and you can even watch a movie about my lovely Theo.

Even though Theo is less than 9 months old, he can eat three meals by himself everyday.

Most of the time he was quite happy on his high chair.

Host child 9 month old

We love to see Theo eating his meals. And that’s really quite cute and messy.

 Host child

In China, parents feed their children all the time. Even when the children are 2 or 3 years old, they still don’t know how to eat by themselves. I think teaching children how to eat by themselves at an early age is very important and smart.

 Host child Theo eating

Do you want to know more interesting stories about Theo? Come here and join us next time!

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