Great time at Peddler’s Village with Adriana’s host family.

Ophelia’s Diary.

I am glad that I have a lot of nice Au Pair friends near Philadelphia. One of them is the Au Pair Adriana, who lives in Bucks County, PA.

This Saturday, her host family invited me to Peddler’s Village with them.

Au Pair US

The first time I met Adriana’s host family was at a Family Day Conference. Thanks my Local Area Representative Polina so much, she organized a lot of interesting activities for us and gave us a lot of opportunities to know new friends.

Au pair at Peddler's Village.

At Friday night, Adriana’s host dad picked me up from the train station. The second day, I went to Peddler’s Village with Adriana’s host children and host mom. Her host kids are so cute and smart, they speak both English and Chinese! This is really a very loving host family.

We had a great time with the kids in the village. Many scarecrows that were created for Halloween did make us laugh a lot. Everyone is looking forward to the coming of Halloween.

Aupair  at Peddler's villageIn the afternoon, Adriana’s host mom drove us to the train station, then we go back to my home together. My host family invited Adriana to have dinner with us. My host parents always cook very delicious food. I am sure Adriana can tell you more about this now.

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