Language exchange with my American friend Mike

Ophelia’s Diary.

I have been an Au Pair in the Untied States almost four months. Now I have some nice friends from Philadelphia area. They help me improve my language and get used to the life in here. One of them is Mike.

Au Pair Ophelia with Mike at museum

Mike is training to be an ESL teacher. I am one of his students. Also, Mike likes Chinese culture. We are language exchange now. I tutor him Chinese, and he helps me with my English.

 Au Pair Ophelia at museum

Sometimes we have history class at National Constitution Center. Last week we saw a Pulitzer Prize photographs exhibition there. Typically published on the front pages of American newspapers, these photographs helped me to understand the meaning of ” We the People” a lot.aupair in museum

Learning and exploring the cultural difference is always my favorite part.

Au Pair Ophelia at museum

I am glad to have this chance to learn America’s history.

Au Pair friend

Thanks my teacher and friend Mike a lot.

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