Volunteering…. So much good energy coming to you!!!

By the Au Pair from Go Au Pair, the Philadelphia cluster, Monica.

My name is Monica Hinestroza and I’m from Colombia. I’ve been here in US as an Au Pair for 5 months already. So far this adventure has been amazing!Au Pair Philadelphia Monica

Today, I wanted to share with you guys the great experience that I had as a volunteer in the 20th Philadelphia Marathon on November 17th.IMG_20131117_132533

This marathon helped to raise money to support some associations, like the American Cancer Society which, for me, is amazing itself. Thanks to Polina Kravets, our Local Area Representative, several Au Pair friends from Go Au Pair and I were volunteers in this event. For most of us, the only motivation was to do something different and help someone else, but at the end of that day, I realized that being a volunteer is so much more than that.IMG_20131117_132717

On a beautiful, sunny and warm Sunday in November, we worked as a team, and we made thousands of bags with some snacks for the runners. Then, we gave them those bags, hand-to-hand, and there the magic moment stared……IMG_20131117_132610

Because for each bag that we gave them, they gave us back smiles, thanks, blessings and a lot of good energy. Didn’t matter how tired they were or we were in that moment, everybody… runners, volunteers and fans were so happy and so excited and for a couple of hours just being happy and positive was allowed.IMG_20131117_132349

It’s unbelievable how you give a little bit of your time to others, and they can give you so much energy and so much happiness.IMG_20131117_140458

This was my first time as a volunteer, and I can say, without a doubt, that I would love to do it again because being a volunteer you can feel the real power of the good energy coming to you. See you guys in the next adventure….!!!

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