Au Pair’s wonderful Thanksgiving in Houston

Ophelia’s Diary.

As an Au Pair, I have one week’s vacation during Thanksgiving.
My friends in Houston invited me to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. The Peters is a big family with four kids. I knew them in China. This family is very nice, they helped me adapted my Au Pair life in Philadelphia a lot.

Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston

This was my first Thanksgiving. I was so excited about it. We had a very big meal. First time I saw how turkey was cooked.Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston 4

Just pies, we had five! Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston 3

During the dinner, we talked a lot. They asked me a lot interesting questions about my Au Pair life and Chinese culture.
Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston 1

Also, I went to entertainment places with kids.

I love these four kids so much, they bring endless happiness to my life.

Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston 2

We played pool, bowling, mini golf together. We went biking and exploring a wetland too.Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston with kids
They youngest one is so cute, he always said,” I love you, Ophelia. Would you like to sleep with me tonight?” He is just three years old!
Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston 5

Can you imagine that I met a Chinese friend in Houston who is also an Au Pair. We used to go to the same college and the same church. We were so glad to meet each other. Even though we just had a very short time to get together, we really appreciated it.Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston with friend

There were so many people I need to thank during this special holiday.

Thank the Peters family who invited me to Houston; thank Go Au Pair and my host family help me have a great life experience in the US; thank my family in China suppose me being an Au Pair. Of course, I should never forget thank God who gives me this wonderful life!

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