The Au Pairs Christmas party. Sweet moments.

Every year there is a big Christmas party for Au Pairs from Go Au Pair agency with many different activities.

IMG_20131214_154102This year  our Christmas party included a sweet activity- a desert contest.

IMG_20131214_152146Thanks to the host family from Bucks County for hosting our party. We had really sweet moments during our party enjoying a delicious dessert and having fun time selecting the winners.

au pair contestThe judges – the Au Pairs- sampled desserts and chose the winners. Everyone had one candy and an opportunity to vote for the best dessert.

Au pair partyAu Pairs choose three winners of the contest.

IMG_20131213_134714The Au Pair Annie from Mexico

IMG_20131214_162113 (2)The Au Pair Jacqueline from China

IMG_20131214_162202 (2)The Au Pair Joana from Colombia

IMG_20131214_162128 (3)I want to thank everyone for participating in the contest. There were many different deserts, and I tried many of them, and each one could have easily been the winner. Congratulations to all the winners and participants.

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  1. Michael
    Dec 26, 2013 @ 17:38:54

    Happy new Year! Thank you for an interesting post!


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