An Amazing Trip to Alaska with My Host Family.

Ophelia’s Diary.

Hello in a new 2o14 year! Happy new 2014! I hope you miss reading my diary. Here is a new story about an amazing trip from Philadelphia to Alaska with my Host Family.

au pair 2014 a1My host family is originally from Alaska. As their Au Pair, before Christmas I had a chance to travel to Alaska with them. This trip was so amazing. I am really a lucky Au Pair who has a very lovely host pair 2014 a4

If you don’t go to Alaska, you can never imagine how beautiful the scenery there. Snow mountains are on the water. Everything is unusual clear. The clouds are so fluffy, feels like you were walking in the mist forest.

Skiing in Alaska is definitely one of my favorite things. This was my first time to ski.

au pair 2014 a2

I went there with host father and host grandfather. They were very good teachers. I had so much fun skiing with them.On our way back home, we saw a baby moose!

au pair 2014 a3

I am so glad I had my first Christmas in a world of ice and snow.

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