Hiking 20 miles in Hawaii

Ophelia’s Diary.1531752_968518279596_194716001_n

Do you enjoy a natural beauty? Have you ever hiked 20 miles in two days? Can you imagine how cute the Nene is in the mountain? I experienced all of these in Haleakala, Hawaii with my host dad.1545006_968516353456_813107889_n (1)

We started around 10 am. The weather was hot, just wearing a shirt was enough. It was my first time walking in the desert. Everywhere was dark gray sand. A few green plants stood up. At this moment, you can truly feel how miraculous life is.


As we continued walking, the weather changed quickly, so did the scenery. Sometimes it rained, sometimes it’s very cold.

psb-4 (1)

We saw four seasons landscape during our journey.

psb-3 (1)

We got to the cabin before dark. So we had time to settle down and cook dinner.


When the night drew on, we had time to enjoy the full sky stars peacefully. Then I sat down start to think life could as amazing as…psb-10

Even thought I like hiking a lot.


Hiking 20 miles was still a big challenge for me.


After I did it, I was so proud of myself. From then on, no matter what kind of difficulties I meet in my life, I will never shrink back.

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