The Au Pair of the Year.

2013 was very rewarding  year, and I had a great experience working together with the Go Au Pair agency’s team, my host families and Au Pairs. Read more at

Many new families joined the Go Au Pair cluster in the Philadelphia and NJ area. We had an amazing time at a Family Day Conference at Grounds for Sculpture. We also enjoyed many interesting events with the Au Pairs and, especially, volunteered together at the Philadelphia Marathon.IMG_20131117_125431

The agency started the unique program called Au Pair Sis that supports Au Pairs. Go Au Pair agency also sent a special Christmas present with a greeting card to each Au Pair from the agency!

The Au Pair from Philadelphia, Phila Sozombile was chosen as a nominee for Go Au Pair 2013 Au Pair in Excellence Award.Au Pair Phila with her host child

I think that it has been a great experience for the host families because six families from twenty host families recently nominated their Au Pairs for IAPA’s Au Pair of the Year Award for their excellent work as an Au Pair!  Happy Au Pairs make happy Go Au Pairs’ families!

According to IAPA, “The Au Pair of the Year Award provides au pairs the recognition and credit they deserve and enhances the public’s awareness of this wonderful cultural exchange programme and the mutual benefit au pairs and families get from it. This is one of many initiatives that fit IAPA’s mandate as the only global organisation designed to support the people and businesses involved in the industry.”

iapa logo

Congratulations to Au Pairs Adriana, Ophelia, Diana, and Hui from China, Sandra from Spain and Valeria from Germany.

Wishing you Best of Luck and Victory!

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