My 2014 New Year’s Resolutions.

Ophelia’s Diary.

In 2013, I harvested a lot as an Au Pair. I was so blessed, because I got a lot of help and useful advice from my host family, Go Au Pair, Au Pair Sis and my LAR. Thank all of you so much! Because of your help, I could have wonderful Au Pair experience in America. Au Pairs from Go Au Pair Now is 2014, I believe that if I work hard, everything will be great. Here are my New Year’s resolutions. I am looking forward to experiencing a fruitful new year.2014 au Pairs resolutionsBe an excellent Au Pair. I love my Au Pair job. Being an Au Pair not just mean taking care of children. Of course, we must put host children’s safety at first place, also we need to make sure they are happy and educate them as well. I love teaching Theo new things, we have a lot of fun learning new sounds and different animals.

Au pair with her host child Prepare for graduate school. As an Au Pair we can go to school as well. This is  excellent. This gives me a chance to experience American education. I like it a lot. I am planing to go to graduate school here after I finish my Au Pair program. But this will never be easy. First, I need to past TOEFL and GMAT test. From now on I have to work hard on it. Au pair in the college Experience more American culture and history. Learning new things always makes me excited. Now I am taking Washington DC Educational Trip class. I learned a lot things about American history, like The American Revolution and The American Civil War. I will try my best to explore more cultural and historical things in my last Au Pair years. Au Pair US Want to know more details about my DC Educational Trip class? Come and read about it next time! Au Pair Ophelia Happy Chinese lunar New Year again!

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