Au Pair’s Educational Trip Class to Washington DC

Ophelia’s Diary.

Last year, I took English class at International House of Philadelphia. As my English gets better, I decided to take a harder and more interesting class for this semester— Educational trip to Washington DC!
Au pair in the college

The class is at Peirce College. PEIRCE_4C_CMYK large

There are 17 Au Pairs in my class, 4 Au Pairs are from Go Au Pair. I am glad I get this chance to know Au Pairs from other countries, like Italy and Thailand. I never have friends from these two counties before.Au Pairs class.

Totally we will have three big classes before we go to DC. So far, we already had two classes. When we had the first class, it was kind of hard for me. We learnt a lot about American history that day.

The teacher just gave us so much information, it’s hard for me to catch all of them. But I still like it a lot. Before the second class started, I learned hard by myself at home. We had a test for the first class, I did the best in my class.
Au Pair class.

The second class was about American law and politics. I like this class a lot. Also, this time I felt it’s super easy for me. Now I even begin to think about  going to law school, it should be very interesting. I am looking forward to having the third class now. I had so much fun during the class. I did learnt a lot. This is really a very nice program for Au Pairs. Thank my Local Area Representative Polina recommended this program for me, also thank my host family paid this class for me.

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