Happy Valentine’s Day—with my little boyfriend Theo

Ophelia’s Diary.

This is Theo’s first Valentine’s Day, also my first Valentine’s Day. We are both so excited about this!

Specially Theo can spend this holiday with his Au Pair girlfriend—ME!

Au pair host child

I made a cute gift for Theo. It’s paper folding animals. Totally eight animals. Before Valentine’s Day I showed the gift to him for one second, he really likes it. But I won’t give it to him until Valentine’s Day. You have to wait, my dearest Theo!

animals faces

The Valentine’s Day on February 14 in China is known as Western Valentine. But we do have our own Valentine’s Day. It’s on July 7 of a lunar month. There is a beautiful story about this holiday.

Happy valentineA fairy fell in love with a normal man and had two children with him. Her parents didn’t allow this, so they separated this poor lovers. This fairly was so sad, then her parents showed mercy to her. She was allowed to see her husband and children for one time every year. The day they meet is lunar July 7. At this day, all the birds will fly to the sky make a bridge for them.

Valentines Day

In China we celebrate both of these two Valentine’s Day. After I celebrate this with Theo, I am going to celebrate it again with the one I love who is from Las Vegas!

valentine's story

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone can find true love soon.

Happy Valentine's

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