Being a cultural ambassador within your own home.

The Au Pair program is a cultural and educational exchange program. An au pair year is supposed to be a cultural exchange experience rather than a job.  Many host families become a cultural ambassador within their own home.  The Au Pair may see your family’s behavior as typical of all rules

Host children turn into cultural ambassadors too. They help Au Pairs to improve their English and learn American culture.  Besides, for the host kids, being a cultural ambassador means learning acceptance and respecting differences. Kids learn not be afraid of being different, having own strong opinion and to be an individual and build their personalities.

It is our responsibility to be our own cultural ambassadors. It is not easy sometimes because we are all different. Tthe family and Au Pair often follow a different set of norms and behaviors,and practice different culture and religions. Au Pair meeting3

If your actions seem cold to your Au Pair, then she is bound to share those impressions with others.  Whether in our everyday dealings, conversations,  or when just spending time as a family, we are in a  cultural exchange journey together.  Karla

Make your Au Pair happy, show her hospitality, kindness and help her feel at home, try to approach each situation with patience, creativity and a sense of humor,  show your tolerance and respect to her culture and heritage.  It makes sense to do something special with the newest member of your family and learn from each other, for example, celebrate holidays that are either unique to her country, or are unique in how they are celebrated. Au Pairs celebration at penn museum

 Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries. Hosting an Au Pair is a priceless cultural experience for a host family, for their children, and for an Au Pair as well.


Your Au Pair comes to learn an American lifestyle firsthand and become a part of it  and also to bring her culture in your home.  The Au pair program is very unique program because it is two way cultural exchanges. The Au Pair will leave your home, but take sweet memories of your home and family forever.

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