Au Pair’s Monument Presentation

Ophelia’s Diary.

I am taking DC Educational Trip class, and the final project for the third class was designing your own Monument.

There were 17 Au Pairs in my class at Peirce College in Philadelphia. Including me, there were 4 Au Pairs from Go Au Pair agency. All of these Au Pairs got together and showed the monuments they designed.Au pair Go  Au pair in class

Some Au Pairs designed monuments to a memory the history of their countries. Some Au Pairs used the monuments to remember their family.Au pair Go  Au Pair in class

My monument was a Valentine’s Day gift for my boyfriend. I spent a whole week on it. And he really likes it a lot.

Au pair Go  Au pair  class

Adriana designed a beautiful house for orphans. I hope her house can help a lot orphans in the future.Au pairs Go  Au pair in class

Jackie made a special house for her Korean idol, which was very sweet of her.

Au pair Go  Au Pair in class

Geralene built a monument for her dog Bruno. From this memorial I can tell she really loves and misses her dog a lot.

Au pair Ophelia in class

We had a great day sharing our ideas and stories together. We all love this class a lot. We are looking forward to our trip to Washington DC with Cultural Hi-Ways in March, 2014

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