Teaching English in the church

Ophelia’s Diary.

In China, I didn’t have a lot of chances to do volunteer work. But as an Au Pair in the US, I get many opportunities to help others. This makes me feel super happy.  A Local Area Representative from Go Au Pair Polina helps us a lot too. She is always trying to help Au Pair near Philadelphia area find ways having great activities in the meantime help others.

 English class

Now I am a volunteer in Chinese Gospel Church helping teaching beginner’s English.

Au Pair volunteering

Even though it’s very simple English, every time I have to prepare it for a long time.

Au Pair teaching

This helps me learn English too.


 Most students in the class are seniors. I am deeply moved by their spirit.

An Au Pair volunteering

They learn so hard. They are elderly, but they are still eager to learn.

 the Au Pair volunteering

Every time when I look at them, I feel that life is so wonderful, everyone should have a serious attitude toward it.

 In China, it’s so hard for me to get a chance to be a volunteer. I only volunteered half a year in the school for deaf. I asked a lot people to get this chance. People just don’t believe you want to do something for others for free.

the children in deaf school

I am glad now I can get a lot chance to do volunteer work. Au Pairs from our cluster will volunteer for the Philadelphia Flower Show soon. I am looking forward to it.

We will work as the Go Au Pair team  and  help make floral headbands, pins, bracelets, and other fun accessories. We will be volunteering at The Flower Show, in the Convention Center, at the Make & Take Room, at 1 pm on Saturday March 1, 2014. You will easily find our team since we will wear lovely Go Au Pair t-shirts.

 Come meet us!

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