Supporting Ukraine and Ukrainian Au Pairs.

I am originally from Ukraine. Even though, I have been living in the US for a long time, I have one my family member and a lot of friends in Ukraine. It was my home for a while, and I had many good memories there. There’s a very special place in my heart for Ukraine. ukraine

The last few months have been really worrying for me. I’ve been watching TV a lot,  surfing Internet constantly and speaking with my friends often.  I feel fear, sadness and real concern. Most Ukrainians desire peace and security for Ukraine, but there is a real threat of war and dividing the country into pieces. Therefore, I am very nervous about the situation in Ukraine and of  the future for my friends and the Ukrainian people.  

Protest in Ukraine

There are many people who live elsewhere and still have close family and friends in Ukraine. Go Au Pair has many Au Pairs from Ukraine. I can imagine how worried they are and wish to be together with their families in this difficult time.Митинг "За европейскую Украину" в Киеве

Oleksandra, or Sasha,  a new Au Pair from Ukraine, lives in NJ. Sasha has family back in Donetsk, Ukraine. I hope everything changes for the better for Oleksandra’s family and the Ukrainian people will have peaceful and decent lives.Au Pairs Go Au Pair volunteering

I feel the importance at drawing public attention on helping and supporting the Ukrainians as they work to avoid a potential economic crisis and calm civil unrest within the country’s borders.


I feel sympathy and unity with the Ukrainian people during this difficult period when they fight for Ukrainian sovereignty, stable lives and future for their children.  I would like to express solidarity with the people of Ukraine who both desire and deserve peace and better lives.

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