The Impression of Washington DC

Ophelia’s Diary.

I had two days tour to Washington DC with Cultural Hi-Ways as a part of my class/trip with the Au Pair program. The first day my Au Pairs friends and I visited the World War ⅡMemorial, the Vietnam Wall, Lincoln Memorial, Korean Memorial and saw the Capitol Building and White House.aupairs

Washington DC offered us so many great things to see. This was my first time attended a group tour. As an Au Pair in America, I can always have so much great experience.

aupair from Go Au Pair

This makes me super happy.aupair from Go Au Pair

On Saturday afternoon, we visited a lot places. But my favorite was World War Ⅱ Memorial. I was impressed by the great design. I found the two columns with Alaska and Hawaii on it.

aupair from Go Au Pair
This reminded me the good memories I had in Alaska and Hawaii with my host family.IMG_5280

The next day, we spent most of the time at the Smithsonian Institution.aupair from Go Au Pair

Jackie, Adriana and I visited a lot museums together. The Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum are our favorite.aupair from Go Au Pair We saw so many high­tech products at the Air and Space Museum.aupair from Go Au Pair

The natural History Museum offered us an indoor zoo!

We had to leave DC at Sunday afternoon. This was so sad, but we are planing come back one day!

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