A Colombian Au Pair learned from kids to believe in your dreams.

Monica is a 27-year-old Au Pair from Colombia. She is very mature and responsible. Colombian Au Pairs are known as warm, happy, and smiley and Monica is one of the best examples of that. Monica possesses a warm and engaging personality. She is very kind and welcoming, she is always first to welcome a new Au Pair on Facebook and offer a piece of advice. Au Pair from Colombia Monica

She has prepared for the Au Pair program very well and adjusted to her Au Pair life in the US and her host family quite easily. She built very good relationships with her host family and her host child adores her. After living with her host family only one month, her parents said that they feel that she has been living in their house for many years. They already extended the contract with Monica for another year.Au Pair Philadelphia Monica

Monica is very active and likes to try new things and enjoy novel experiences. Recently, Monica and her friend Au Pair from Mexico Annie became Color Runners and completed 5K the race with “Run or Dye” .  Au Pairs Run or Dye

Monica said that she likes to take care of children because they are spontaneous and innocent, and they are always teaching her new things. She also said that she learned from kids to believe in your dreams.


Monica is a physician, she is highly educated and intelligent. In her  free time, she is studying for tests to her future career – being a pediatric cardiovascular surgeon. Monica is working hard in every way to make her dreams become a reality.

MonicaOne of her dreams, to become an Au Pair and come to the US, has already come true. Monica is following her dreams and does not give them up. She said that becoming an Au Pair is the best decision she has ever made. Monica accomplished a lot in a short time. She took a lot of classes, became an integral member of an American family,  made many new friends, explored the US…. and this is only the beginning.follow

You have a great future ahead, believe in your dreams, Monica! May all your dreams come true!

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