2 AM Flood Warning in Philly

Ophelia’s Diary.

I just spent a very special night with my host family. Our building was attacked by flood at 2am in the morning! This is the most special night for me since I have been an Au Pair in Philadelphia.

Au Pair flood 0

It has been raining a lot recently. We live just nearby the river. Around 2am when everyone was in dreaming, the alarm was turned on suddenly! Then I heard my host kid was crying.

photo 5

I was wondering what happened, my host family knocked my door, we got out of the building quickly. Then we saw what just happened, endless water was surrounding us.

Au Pair flood 2

We waited outside until 3am, everything seemed ok, it started raining again. We are lucky nothing serious really happened. This emergency warning makes me appreciate my wonderful Au Pair life here even more. Thankfully I can still sit here tell you what’s going on.

photo 1

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