Go Au Pair Volunteered for Newtown Community.

Go Au Pair agency offers Au Pairs many cultural exchange opportunities. Volunteering  became a  favorite meeting for the Philadelphia and NJ cluster. A group of Au Pairs from Go Au Pair volunteered on May 4, 2014, at Welcome Day Arts Festival, in Newtown of Bucks County, PA

Sunday morning we started with making homemade pancakes,au pair hot cackesthan ate healthy and yummyAu Pair Breakfast breakfast with friendsbefore volunteering

Then we met other volunteers from Go Au Pair team in Newtown.

Au Pairs Bucks County volunteers 5

Au Pairs in Newtown Welcome Day helped blow up balloons

Au Pairs Bucks County volunteers1

and delivered them to the vendors.Au Pairs Bucks County volunteersAu Pairs helped distribute bags and flyersAu Pairs Bucks County volunteers 6

and answered the questions.
Welcome Day Arts Festival, in Newtown PAAlso, Au Pairs had a lot of fun at Newtown Welcome Day festival!

Au pair at NewtownThey relaxed with friends,

Au pair at Newtown 1enjoyed  free fun opportunities,Au Pairs friendsexplored the festival,

volunteering Aupairs

enjoyed many different performance and music,
 Go Au Pair in Newtown Day Festand took photos with friends.
Au Pairs in Newtown PA

After the festival, the Au Pair volunteers had dinner, played games and had more fun.

Au Pair dinner

Many Au Pairs did not want to go home, so we went to the park to share a special time with friends.Au pair at Newtown 2

It was such a long fun dayAu Pairs fun

and a wonderful day to remember!

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