Volunteered for Newtown Welcome Day with my Au Pair friends

Ophelia’s Diary.

After the yummy and heathy breakfast, we went to volunteer at the Newtown Welcome Day. Also, we met up with other Au Pairs from Go Au Pair there. We were going to volunteer together!

Go Au Pair

This was a new experience for me. Even thought we volunteered for Philadelphia Marathon and Flower Show before, this time was still different.

Au Pairs Bucks County volunteers 6

We helped distributing some flyers and other promotional items. It was fun. In China it will be hard to do volunteer work like this. Because people won’t take the promotional things from you nicely. They will think you are trying to take advantage of them.

photo 4

But here is different, a lot of people take the promotional items happily. We were glad to see many people had the green bags we gave out!

Au Pair friend 7

Volunteering with other Au Pairs for Newtown Welcome Day we also spread the world and raised awareness about the Au Pair Program.Au Pairs Bucks County volunteers

After the volunteering, our Au Pairs friends still have more fun things to do together. I can’t wait to share all of them together with you.IMG_4151

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