Best English Speaking Au Pairs

Every year host parents from al 14 agencies evaluate their au pair’s ability to speak and communicate in English on a 4-point scale: from “Not Satisfied at all”to “Very Satisfied”.

According to survey, “Go Au Pair is the Leader at 90% – Host parents give this mid-size agency EXCELLENT satisfaction Scores.”2014 english highest

Go Au Pair was our leader in 2012, receiving a 90% Satisfaction Rating from their host parents, and proving to be a reliable and consistent provider of Best English Speaking Au Pairs.”

High English level skills are important for a childcare provider. Many Host Families require a high English score because a regular homework help for the kids is essential. Au Pair teashes

All Au Pairs are screened by Go Au Pair international representatives to insure that they are proficient in spoken English. After a personal interview with a representative, a host family examines Au Pairs language skills on the phone or Skype during an interview.

Au Pairs English skills are rated on a scale from 1 to 5.  Most our available Au Pairs are rated a 4 or 5-out-of-5 in English skills. As a Local Area Representative I notice that many our Au Pairs have a degree in English language or consider learning English as their hobby.

Go Au Pair 11

Their English skills become even better by the end of their Au Pair year.  Au Pairs Au Pairs gain invaluable life experience,and also get opportunities learn and practice the English language daily with English speakers. 

Even though, many Au Pairs are looking to polish their English skills because the ability to master and use English professionally can make a big difference in many aspects of their life. By the end of their stay Au Pairs are able to master English skills into strong fluency and many Au Pairs reduce their accent.

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