Au Pair memories

Blogging about Au Pairs experience is another Philadelphia and  NJ cluster tradition. Sharing with others about great experience became a part of our cluster’s life. If some Au Pairs couldn’t attend the meeting, they can read about the Au Pair meeting on the blog.


There are also many posts, journals and diaries from former Au Pairs on this blog.

Au Pair from  Bucks County

Au Pair Cosima from Germany started her writing project Au Pair Mission recently. Cosima interviewed many Au Pairs already and made a lot of friends. She is working with many prospective Au Pairs on their interviews. Cosima is also a buddy to new Au Pair Nita who lives in New Hope, Bucks County and Au Pair Rikie who lives in NJ.Au Pair Ophelia life

Please read  Ophelia Diary about Chinese Au Pair experience of living as an Au Pair in Philadelphia. Ophelia recently extended with the host family and moved to Las Vegas to a new experience.

Au Pair Journal  is the memories that Brazilian Au Pair Juliana left. She was an Au Pair in Bucks County.

Juliana's buddy

South African Au Pair Lala shared with us her Au Pair Diary. She was an Au Pair in Philadelphia.
AuPair Lala

Those Au Pairs chose to share their experience with Au Pairs from the cluster and others. It may help new Au Pairs learn from Au Pairs that are currently in the program or that have completed the Au Pair Program.

This tradition of writing on the blog is also important because help create writing memories that may last much longer this way. In fact, the memories never go pairs in Temple


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