Fundraising and fun

Do you think that it is possible to fundraise and have fun at the same time?

Yes, fundraising can be fun with  Go Au Pair team.  Au Pairs from the Bucks County and Philadelphia cluster had fun during a  fundraising event to support the Walk Now for Autism Speaks.


We had  BBQ.Au Pairs Bucks County BBQ

And we played many games.  Here are a few fun games.Au Pairs Bucks County play games

Line of Coins – the coins lay side-by-side to find whose line is longer._DSC0433 (1)Games with Chopsticks- who will get more berries for 30 seconds_DSC0385

Jellybeans/small candies/ blueberries count- guests guess how many jellybeans are in a clear glass jarGo Au Pair Bucks County games

Coins Drop- drop coins into the water to get them into the glass.

Au Pairs Bucks County fundraisingFundraising can be both successful and fun, proved!

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