Who stressed more, me or my suitcase?

Okay girls, so we all know how the clothes situation went when we had to start packing for the big day. I mean, when the agency, Go Au Pair, read the list of clothes that we can take, back in South Africa on training day (where we discussed everything about the au pair program), all the girls in the room, including me, almost had a heart attack! I could see the expressions on their faces and it was yelling: “HOW WILL WE SURVIVE WITH SO FEW CLOTHES??”


So there I was, dragging my suitcase out of my room (I thought I had it all figured out when I started packing things away earlier the year into it – but boy, was I wrong!!), the thing was so heavy, it felt like I’ve stored a baby elephant in it!  So, when I opened it to start packing (with my eyes closed of course) the clothes peeled out and I realized how long the night was going to be sorting through everything!

By the time I was done, my suitcase was probably thinking that I wanted to murder it with clothes! Poor thing! But I weighted it on the scale and it was under 23kg /50lb which was the weight limit, so I pretty much felt at rest about that.


The next day was the big day, it was a Sunday (17 August) and my grandfather and brother had to drag my suitcase and hand luggage around in the airport and we went to go wrap them. After they’ve been wrapped, I went to go weigh them on the scales in the airport before you check in, and suddenly it was 3kg /6lb over the weight limit!

See what I meant with the baby elephant. So there I was, taking the wrap off of my bags and taking extra things (a pack of tissues,  a book and some few South African sweets) out of my bag. So I went to go weigh it again and suddenly it dropped to 21kg /46lb. HOW on earth did that happen?

Anyway, after landing in France, 10 hours later, I had both my hand luggage to drag behind me and my laptop and camera was SO heavy in my hand luggage that the wheels didn’t want to work and I was going crazy trying to pull it behind me.

When we changed planes to fly to JFK New York, I waited and waited for my bag and it just did’nt show up (a girls worst nightmare!). So after freaking out a bit, my bag somehow ended up wayyy on the other side of the lane, but both the handles and the wheels on my suitcase had broken. So there I was, trying to pull the both the suitcase and my hand luggage which refused to work. After a while, I started to kick my bags so that it would work, and I’m 100% sure i looked like such an idiot!

BUT I struggled with both broken bags all the way from the airport to the hotel, then on the day we left New York, I somehow carried and struggled with those bags through the airport, from the airport to the train, through the train station and on the train until I got off at Philadelphia.


I was extremely happy when I  arrived at my host family’s house, mainly because I got the chance to get rid of my damn suitcase!

If you have any funny suitcase stories, let me know 🙂


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