Our new Au Pair Joyce, He Liu, from China

Joyce or He Liu, our new Au pair is 20 years old and from China. Joyce grew up in a city called Yongcheng which means Forever Beautiful city.  She arrived in Philadelphia about one month ago and her buddy is Oksana, Au Pair  from Ukraine.

Joyce (4)

The main reason why Joyce decided to become an au pair is that she truly loves children and she want to experience America culture while making progress on her overall English. She also wants to make friends from all over the world.
In her free time she likes to spend time with her family and friends whether they are in Philly or in NY. She also likes to listen to music, sing songs, watch TV and play tennis.

Joyce (6)

“Tennis is my favorite sport, it makes me relax and exercise my body” – She also loves to travel and see and learn new things.

 joyce (5)

“I think au pair life will be very fascinating in the future. Everything is going to be okay, au pair life is an opportunity. I believe I can be a good au pair.”

Joyce (3)

We are very happy to have met you Joyce and we certainly agree that you will be a great au pair!

Welcome to our cluster 🙂

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