Welcome Gina!

Gina (23) is our new au pair from Colombia will be replacing Jacqueline and she will be living in New Hope. Nita is Gina’s buddy – good luck holding out with a crazy (but awesome) South African Au Pair, Gina 😉
Gina (2)
What Gina wanted in her life was to be able to learn and enjoy new cultures and to become an au pair would provide her with that, also to improve her English. Gina’s hobbies include traveling, watching movies, listening to music and reading.
Gina (4)
The best adjectives to describe Gina would be, tolerance, happiness and being funny. She likes to help people and considers herself to be a good friend. We also asked her if she had one wish what would it be and she answered: “To be able to teleport” – I feel you Gina, I think all of us would love to do that!
Gina lived in the Maryland for 3 months, where she got to see some places in the US like Washington DC, Arlington and Baltimore. She would like to visit Vegas, Chicago and Orlando.
Gina (3)
Our cluster had the privilege to meet Gina and spend time with her and her host family and it was great! We are looking forward to getting to know you better Gina! 🙂

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