Halloween Cluster Meeting

First of all, I’d like to thank Polina for hosting a wonderful Halloween party for the au pairs where we had great food, fun games and also got the chance to make new friends.


During our party, Polina organized some Halloween games which was a lot of fun. We played the Candy Corn Relay Race, Apple Peeling,  Apple Seed Testing and we got a glimpse  into our future with some candles, here were the results:

Violet: You’ll be blessed spiritually and overcome something difficult in your future.


Green: You’ll have balance and harmony in your future, and you’ll also become sexy 😉


Pink: You’ll have passion, love and nurturing in your future.


The winner of the costume competition was Cosima, our real red riding hood! Congrats Cosima! 🙂


After the competition we changed and headed out to the Active Acres Farm where we first went through the Haunted House, which was done extremely good – if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to see to your name on a grave in the graveyard behind the house 😉

After doing the Haunted House, we did the Sleepy Hollow Hayride. Personally it was a bit disappointing (and freezing) but we still had a lot of fun! One thing to definitely look forward to is The Headless Horseman.


Everyone that participated, thank you! I’m looking forward to our next cluster meeting, which will be on the second of November for the Autism Walk in Philadelphia 🙂

Stay tuned!

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