Go Au Pair team supports Autism fundraising.

Go Au Pair team hosted three fundraising events for Autism Speaks in Philadelphia, Langhorne and New Hope. Thank you to all Au Pairs who participated and raised the funds.Thank you to our Au Pairs.
The Go Au Pair team goal was to raise $500, which we have already surpassed!  We are very proud for reaching our goal and would like to thank many of our host families who also participated and made donations.IMG_20140629_215409
Au Pairs from Go Au Pair in Bucks County raised over $700 for Autism Speaks during three fundraising events.
The first fundraising event was  an Au Pair International Pot-Luck Dinner in June, 2014.Au Pair friends The second event was a barbecue party in Core Creek Park, Langhorne, PA in August, 2014Go Au Pair Bucks County fundraisingThe third and last event was fundraising at Rice’s Market  in New Hope in September, 2014Au pair team in Bucks CountyI would like to thank many of our Au Pairs who participated in many fundraising events.  Some Au Pairs were participated in two or more events. Thank Au Pair Monica from Colombia, Au Pair  Cosima from Germany, Au Pair Cherry from S. Africa, Au Pair Jenny from Germany, Au Pair Nita from S. Africa and others.Volunteering  is a great cultural exchange experience for our Au Pairs and also it is the opportunity to make a difference in people lives, help the community and immerse in American life.. Check out and join the facebook page for Au Pairs volunteering in the USA.autism and aupair

Please join Go Au Pair team on November, 2 2014 for an annual Autism Walk.

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