Au Pairs and English Skills.

Many Au Pairs came to the US with the goal to improve English while living with American family. Improving English skills is very important motivator for choosing the Au Pair program.


Working with kids and practicing English skills with them has huge advantages. Depending on the child’s age, kids can be great teachers. Kids words and sentences are often simpler than that of adults. Children are usually can correct errors without making Au Pairs feel uncomfortable. Au Pairs and kids can learn from each other reading and playing together.Au pair Bucks County. PA

Au Pairs get a chance exploring the country, attending classes and immersing yourself in the English language. Au Pairs also have an opportunity studied in America for free. They are supposed to take 6 credits or 72 class hours in college during the program year. Beside speaking English at home,  Au Pairs practice  English  for daily life in an English-speaking country –with new friends, in the stores, restaurants etc


Being fluent in English definitely has its benefits when the Au Pairs returning home and applying for new jobs. Language knowledge makes them more attractive to an employer. Also, most employers are willing to pay a higher salary for being fluent in another language.


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