Au pairs walking for Autism Speaks

I know I have been a bit busy the last few weeks and didn’t post anything, but I’d still like to write about our cluster meeting that was on 2 November.

Au Pairs walk 2014

It was extremely cold and windy outside, and yet 8 of us showed up to do the Walk for Autism Speaks. We originally planned to raise $500, but we ended up raising $741. It really felt great being there with the group of au pairs and Polina, of course where we could be part of something important. That being said, I am proud to be part of such an amazing group of girls that put others’ needs in front of their own, so thank you to everyone that participated.


Also, thank you Janine for joining us, we hope that we get to hang out more with you in the future! (and I’m officially hooked on twizzlers thanks to your leftover halloween candy) 😉

“It makes you feel part of life. It is a great feeling to be there for someone and help them in whatever they are struggling with.” – My answer to Janine for why I do voluntary work. Read more here why other au pairs do it too :


Our next cluster meeting will be held on December 13, where we will have a Christmas party. Stay tuned!


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