Need credits?

So, I had a few weeks of classes (only on Sundays) in October at Pierce College in Center City, Philadelphia, where we did the history on Washington, D.C. This class was presented through Cultural Hi-ways.


I would highly recommend these classes to any au pair that needs to earn credits, or just wants to travel and have fun!

For 4.5 credits I got the chance to go to class with my best friend, make new friends from all over the world, participate in class discussions, learn about America’s history, be creative with projects, and go on a 2 day tour through Washington, D.C.

10632876_992431517439408_4231323552426893869_n 1508011_992434257439134_7905481004385051922_n

We visited all of the important places in Washington, like the White House, World War 2 Memorial, Lincoln Memorial (which was stunning at night time), Washington Monument etc.

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We also got the chance to explore the night life there on our own the Saturday night, where we ended up having Italian in Georgetown and getting Ice cream and wine and having our own little party in the hotel room. The next day we visited the Arlington National Cemetery, and explored the Air and Space Museum.


It was really a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to their next course, which will be the one to go to the Niagara Falls in June 2015.

Stay tuned!


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