Go Au Pair Local Area Representative and other hats.

Being a Local Are Representative of the  Best Rated Au Pair Agency for 2013 is a big responsibility and honor at the same time.

Go Au Pair received higher ratings compared to all other 14 agencies for “overall customer service.” – Au Pair Clearinghouse, Nation’s only independent Au Pair review website

Go Au Pair #1

According to Go Au Pair, “The primary responsibility of a Local Area Representative is to monitor and support Au Pairs and Host Families living in the local area.”

Supporting Au Pairs and Host Families who have very different missions, can be very challenging.  There are many duties and liabilities. Being a Local Area Representative, means being comfortable with a variety of roles.

A LAR wears many hats!

Au Pair Program Expert, Mentor, Counselor, Educational Adviser, Communicator, Early Childhood Development Specialist, Social Mediator, Cultural Liaison, Marketing Specialist, Networker, Au Pair/Host Family Advocate, Negotiator, Peacemaker, Intermediary, Listener, Supporter, Motivator, Volunteer Coordinator, Manager, Crisis Counselor, Insurance Advisor, Party Organizer, Driver….

And this list goes on…LAR wear many hats

You may be thinking that it’s impossible for any one person to do all of the listed above. Of course, LAR needs the special skills and experience that comes with the job. LAR should be a self-learner as well because no one is an expert in all of the fields.Local Area Representative Go Au Pair can

Strongly believing in the Au Pair childcare, willingly spreading the word about the Au Pair program, being helpful and caring about other people are personal LARs traits that lay a good foundation.

Training and support from Go Au Pair Team and other LARs, being open minded and willing to learn every day, enjoying your job and cultural exchange helps a Local Area Representative wear many hats. love



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