A Local Area Representative never goes off duty

According Go Au Pair ,” the primary responsibility of a Local Area Representative (LAR) is to monitor and support Au Pairs and Host Families living in the local area.” A LAR is supposed to follow Department of State regulations and work closely with Go Au Pair’s corporate office. IMG_9025

I have been working as a LAR for Go Au Pair in the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ area for more than 5 years. I can say that there are a lot of responsibilities but also a lot of support from the agency.  Go Au Pair team is helpful, friendly and sharp, no answering machine with the message “Your call is very important to us!” Very knowledgeable and experienced Placement Coordinators are always here to help during the working hours and in a case of emergency there is a someone available to help 24/7. Welcome to go au pair

As a Local Are Representative, I am rarely “off duty” (just a short vacation sometimes) and must be prepared to represent the Go Au Pair agency at almost any time. As a LAR I need to support and keep consistent communication with Host Families and Au Pairs. No “working hours” or weekends for me and other Go Au Pair Local Area Representatives.Cultural exchange

I try not only answer the questions and give Au Pairs and Host families valuable advice almost any time, but also alleviate Au pairs and Host families woes, so they will worry less after speaking with me.  I keep in mind that my Au Pairs may not have anyone to speak or help.

There is a really big commitment to be responsible for young men and women who are far from home. They may be sick and feel the stress and anxiety in some scary or unknown situations.go-au-pair-at-the-picnic

The line between my personal life and work is often blurred. As a LAR I am supposed to be ready to help host families and Au Pairs with the urgent questions 24 hours and Au Pairs meeting are always held on weekends.positive Au Pairs

Even though, a Local Area Representative never goes off duty and hold a huge responsibility for the wellbeing of the participants of the Au Pair program, it is a work I enjoy. I made many friends through my work. There are a lot of positive energy and great experiences.

It is a  pleasure to help Au Pairs and host families and I am happy to provide them with the highest level of attention and service possible.


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