The Host Family and an Au Pair weekly meetings.

The Host family and an Au Pair weekly meetings can prevent many issues from arising. Usually, Host Families and Au Pairs start the Au Pair program year with the weekly meetings, but in a while, and because of a busy family’s schedule many families stop doing them.

The issues are less likely to come up if the parties have a good relationship and think of each other as a family in a teamwork. Things change over time, we all make mistakes, so the host family and the Au Pair may have something that they want to discuss and resolve. Best way to deal with the problems is having an open conversation – the Host family and the Au Pair weekly meetings. mistakes

Weekly meetings are wonderful ways for both parties to follow-up, ask questions, or share concerns. It is also a time to listen. Even when the parties are speaking to each other and are listening, misunderstandings may occur.  If the Au pair is unclear about what is expected she can simply ask.  It is also a time to review the past week’s activities and discuss the coming week’s activities, to share the experience and the plans.

Show positive reception is very important.  Having an open meeting allows the Host family and the Au Pair to feel comfortable in sharing thoughts and feelings. It is often possible to find a solution which satisfies both parties’ interests if they keep a focus on the parties’ concerns.We-All-Make-Mistakes-e1421825578481

It is the both parties best interest to have the meeting every week to discuss uncomfortable issues and situations because when an issue arises, the parties do not have to wait and can address it in a calm and open manner during the regular weekly meeting. It is an opportunity have a healthy relationship, learn from mistakes and issues and move ahead. Read more about the Importance of the Weekly Meeting



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