Mexican and South African Au Pairs.

We welcomed many great Au Pairs to the Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ in 2015!

In 2015, we welcomed two Au Pairs from Australia- Amber and Kiah. Then, Marcela, Mexican Au Pair, joined our cluster.10846636_10154971358330651_2045025847_n

Marce loves outdoors, cooking, exercising, exploring new places and cultures. She also loves studying and she took a lot of different classes and polished her English. Marce loves her host family and extended for another year. She has been a great buddy to many Au Pairs!  Thank you, Marce.

We also welcome Botle Mpiti (Lucy) from South Africa. Lucy said, “I wanted to be an au pair because I love working with children as I would love to pursue my teaching career. I find children so inspiring.”  IMG_20150920_145259

Lucy is taking care of two lovely boys who are three and six years old. She really loves kids and always happy and smiling. Lucy also loves singing, swimming, reading, painting, and shopping. She is also open to learning new things and has a wide range of interests and hobbies.

Lucy loves her host kids and host family and recently decided to extend with her family for six months. We glad to hear that you are staying with us longer, Lucy!


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