Au Pairs Buddy Appreciation Party!

In 2015,  we started  a new cluster tradition Au Pairs Buddy Day! The new tradition strengthens cluster’s bonds, enriches cultural exchange, and creates lasting memories.keep-calm-and-party-with-an-au-pair-buddyWe are having a great experience with  Au Pairs buddy program . Many Au Pairs became the great buddies, helped new Au Pairs and made a lot of friends.Au Pair buddy  party

Our second annual buddy appreciation party will be 02.28.2016 at Brunswick Zone XL Feasterville. The Au Pairs Buddy Day celebration is an important way to create a positive cluster culture, a sense of unity and belonging to the cluster and help Au Pairs have a great experience from the beginning and prevents many issues

thank you buddy

Come join us for an Au Pair meeting and Buddy Day celebration! It is a way to say thank-you and show appreciation to our buddies.  There are going to be fun, laser games and a lot of surprises. You can have a great time with the Au Pairs from 8 countries!


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