We the People.

The Lansdale International Spring Festival (ISF) is the largest diversity event in Pennsylvania and celebrates its 25th anniversary year!  ISF is a special occasion for a celebration of international friendship through music, food, the performing arts and cultural exchange.

What place could be better for the Au Pairs from around the word, who miss their home countries and interest in other cultures and history than ISF? ISF will give the opportunity to the Au Pairs to explore the displays, enjoy international food, watch the performance from many countries and possible from their native countries, meet new people and make new friends. In addition, this year we are volunteering for the International Spring Festival as a Go Au Pair team.


This year the festival declares the goal to collect 5,000 signatures and to send this message of hope and unity to the White House.The festival  asking people who support the International Spring Festival to add their name, city or town and to select one country of their ancestry (or who you identify with) to the scroll.

Please join  We the People scroll and support the festival message of unity and help to reach 5,000 signatures!  The ISF goal is to show how people from different backgrounds, religions, cultures, and political views can come together with a single message of unity.


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