Taxes 2016 -Three Extra Days To File Taxes.

Have you completed your tax return?  This year’s deadline is April 18 because of an overlap of federal and state holidays with the usual April 15 due date. You have three extra days to file your taxes in 2016. taxes

Au Pairs are required to file U.S. individual income tax returns. It is the law to file a tax return and report earnings made during a calendar year. The au pair stipend constitutes “wages” because an employer-employee relationship exists between the Au Pair and his/her Host Family and they are subject to federal taxation. Au Pairs who do not submit a tax return may have difficulty extending or obtaining future visas.

Every Au Pair should file taxes, regardless of the amount of money you made that year. You  may or may not have to pay taxes, but it is your responsibility to file taxes and report your earnings to IRS.

For the most recent and only official information about Au Pairs and taxes, please visit the IRS website and consult a tax adviser. If  you have a question about how to fill an Au Pair’s income tax read Ophelia’s instruction or watch YouTube tutorial  video that another Au Pair shared.

Good Luck!

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