The farewell Au Pair picnic at the Independence Historical Park.

The Au Pair program is centered around cultural exchange and full of opportunities to learn American cultural firsthand when having fun. Go Au Pair cluster meetings give the Au Pairs chance to meet other Au Pairs from around the world and learn/share their unique culture.

On Sunday, 05.15.2016, we had the farewell picnic right across the Independence National Historical Hall in the center city of Philadelphia. The Hall is known as the birthplace of the United States for it was here that the Declaration of Independence was signed and the Constitution of the United States was debated and signed

Our international Au Pair team sat on the grass with international flags and enjoyed the historical Landmark, great company, and a warm weather.

On the right side is the Liberty Bell Center – the famous bell symbolizes liberty and freedom. There are many historical places around! The Au Pairs had the chance to visit many places after the meeting.Au Pair farewell picnic Independence National Historical Park 2

We also enjoyed the Au Pair international cuisine-  delicious food from 6 countries. The food represents the traditions, stories, and geography and we learned a lot simply trying different food.Au Pair farewell picnic Independence National Historical Park 5

We had a lot of fun sharing the experience and creating new memories. We were taking many photos and then more photos. At the end, we said goodbye to many amazing Au Pair friends who are leaving the cluster soon.


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