Enjoying more information about Adriana Evechis

Some days ago, you could read an interview about our experienced au pair from Ecuador. Today you can all learn some more information about Adriana! 

What is your favorite thing about being an au pair?

The best is the love we get from kids!!!! Learning together and can be like a mother of these little monsters!

What do you like about being an au pair in America, with Go Au Pair?

Since I began this program as an au pair, the coordinators and representatives have been so kind with me! Shona, Gina, Crystal and Polina have guided and helped me from the beginning, during the rematch process and now here in Philadelphia. In conclusion, I liked to meet them in this new adventure, feeled safe. I could trust them.14339388_1817212768523721_1182787001_oWhat is the most valuable lesson you have learned that being an au pair has taught you?

The best lesson you get being an au pair is bravery, courage and ability to do things on your own. No matter how old you are, just being an au pair makes you grow up in every way.

How do you like the experience being a part of an American family?

Living with your host family is a unique experience,because they will  your support here. I had lucky to feel companionship and freedom at the same time. I could be part of their daily routine, your leisure time going to different places and having a good talk with them. However, in my spare time, I could share time with friends, visited new places and did my favorite activities like taking pictures and reading. 

Thank you Adriana for the great deal of information! Looking forward to meet you! ♥

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