Saying goodbye to a great au pair, Jacques Botha!

In this interview, I will share Jacques‘s warm words with you about his experiences as an au pair in the US. He has many fantastic memories!

  • He went to a lot of amazing places. His favorite was Niagara Falls.

“It is awe inspiring the gratitude of the falls. It is just amazing!”

  • His favorite way to spend free time here was just to have some ‘me time’ and concentrate on himself.
  • His favorite thing about being an au pair was learning the culture and way of Americans.
  • He likes the diversity of cultures within the cluster and also the way the agency handles problems and all those important stuff. He says, it is very quick.
  • His best experience living in the US was to build relationships from scratch with new people and make lifelong
  • The most valuable lesson he has learned is never to have kids.

“Just joking, of course!”

  • But, he would say that the most valuable lesson will have to be patience and also independence.
  • He told us, that this is a lot different to be South African, but also amazing. He thinks, that American people are very talkative and open.
  • There are some new things he experienced as well, like: driving on the other side of the road and different food.Au Pair farewell picnic Independence National Historical Park 2

Jacques has also recommended this au pair program to others! I was happy to write about him. I wish him to gather more memories! ♥

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