New au pair from China

 Yushan Sun (Catherine) is 21 years old. She is going to live in Philadelphia! She wrote and introduction for us! Let me share it with you:

So happy for me to join this warm Au pair family in Philadelphia.I want to be an Au pair, because I like children very much,they are very cute and lovely. When I play with them,I feel happiness and full of energy.In another hand,I want to learn more about the American culture and also make more friends from other countries,

I’m an easygoing person.I think, I can get along very well with anybody. I have many hobbies: I like reading,writing,watching movies,traveling ,hiking and cooking,I can cook many traditional Chinese foods for you to taste. I want to share Chinese culture with my friends,also learn the culture from other countries.

I like arts.There are many museums in Philadelphia,I want to visit. The most famous one is the Van Gogh’s sunflower in there. During my holiday,I want to travel around America and go to the Universal Studios, because I like Harry Potter very much.We can travel together!Can’t wait to see all of you!

img_1266Thanks for the warm words Catherine! ♥

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