My first Au Pair meeting in the USA !

Hello, My name is Mariia and I am a Ukrainian Au Pair! I would like to share my amazing experience in the Au Pair program,  my agency Go Au Pair and my experience with my first Au Pair meeting in this wonderful country… I’ve been in America about one month  so I was really happy to meet many of our international au pairs ❤IMG_1242

WELL…We had Au Pair meeting in unforgettable place !!! It calls Bryn Athym Cathedral and we also had a guided tour at  Glencairn Museum. The museum is very beautiful and huge! The museum had 90 rooms and 26 bathrooms 🙂IMG_1247

We saw a lot of nice and interesting rooms, historical artifacts and places (small and very cute lift). I liked amazing views, especially from the balcony …IMG_1233

Our guide Chris was very cool !The way how he talk is very special …IMG_1239

The most important thing was our lovely company and very warm atmosphere.Bryn Athym 1

I would like to say very Big Thank You to Polina from our cluster for giving us this amazing opportunity to visit this lovely place and to spend really good time with my new friends from different parts of this world!!!IMG_1231

We were like one big family !IMG_1251Best regards, Mariia .

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