The Au Pair program – a life changing experience!

The Smolarski family has been with Go Au Pair for 15 years and has a great experience with 10 Au Pairs! It’s really a joy to see how the Smolarski family bonds with their Au Pairs and develops long-term friendships through this program. You may think that there are a lot of responsibilities to take care for many kids and the little triplets and it is hard to find an Au Pair.  Not really- many Au Pairs extended with the Smolarsky family for the second year and said that it was a life changing experience!

“Not even in my best expectations for this program I could possibly imagine how much love could be involved between me and these three kids”,- says Nadia, the second year Au Pair with the Smolarski family.


Au Pair Brazil

“I’m already suffering just for thinking about the day I’ll say for the last time as their Au Pair, “good morning guys”, “Julia, you’re my bruxa”, “Ellie girl, you’re my peanut”, “Drew, you’re Nádia’s boy”, “I’ll be your friend forever guys”… And I mean it if they let me, I’ll be there to be anything they need me to, forever!

I know I have a second family for life and it’s good to know that I’ll be welcome to visit my host family in the future. I’ll always be grateful because I’m a better human because of what I’m living here and because of these little human being!”

Thank you to Smolarski family and many host families for welcoming Au Pairs to your home and making them part of your family.


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