Happy International Au Pair Day: Why and How to Celebrate. 

With Thanksgiving approaching, it is the perfect time to say thanks to the Au Pairs, and celebrate their hard work and dedication to host families. There is also a new Au Pair recognition Day – the International Au Pair Day that fall in November 24. In addition, this year’s celebration marks the beginning of a yearly celebration of Au Pairs, so it makes this day very special.

A social recognition is important and a little appreciation makes a world of difference! Get in touch with former Au Pairs. Consider reaching out and letting your Au Pairs, your friends, family, and people around, know how your Au Pairs affect your family life and your children’s future. 

Ask your kids to help recognise your Au Pair/ former Au Pairs. See if they can get creative, maybe by drawing a picture, creating and designing a personal card or writing a poem expressing their gratitude. Let them count the blessings the Au Pair brings every day to their lives, and ask them to take a moment and write what they are most thankful for. All their attention and efforts will be meaningful and make the Au Pair feel special.

If you are not sure how to express your appreciation and how to celebrate the International Au Pair Day with your Au Pair,  International Au Pair Association (IAPA) recommends host families to

  • Surprise the Au Pair with a thank-you note or video
  • Organise a surprise celebration for Au Pairs
  • Take the Au Pair somewhere nice
  • Show appreciation with a small gift
  • Give them a day off to have a fun day with other Au Pairs

The Au Pairs deserve to be recognized for what they are, what they do and what they achieved.

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