Should we celebrate the International Au Pair Day?

The International Au Pair Day is an initiative of IAPA The International Au Pair Association and a great opportunity to celebrate former and current Au Pairs around the world. November 24, 2019 marks the beginning of a yearly celebration of Au Pairs.

Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from many countries. I asked Au Pairs from from Brazil, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Ukranian, El Salvador, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico, Uganda and France a few questions about the International Day celebration. Please read their answers.

Why should we celebrate the International Au Pair Day?

  • to recognize Au Pairs like all the jobs and professions.
  • to celebrate all the efforts that every au pair does
  • to share a special day with other au pairs and learn about other cultures
  • because the Au Pair program changed my life!

Why do you think that it is important to celebrate the International au pair day?  Because

  • it makes Au Pairs feel important and wanted
  •  it values Au Pairs
  • Au Pairs do a great job
  • it is not easy to be far away from home and face new challenges
  • to let people know about this fantastic (Au Pair) program! 

How would like to celebrate this day?

  • with a big party, food and activities
  • with my au pair friends in a place where we can talk and have fun. 
  • with my au pair friends in a place where we can share our experiences and different cultures
  • in the place where I can meet even more people and make friends
  • with my cluster Au Pairs and my Local Area Representative
  • with my host family because they opened their home and became my family and, of course, with my friends

The International Au Pair Day is a global celebration of all au pairs and their contribution to cultural exchange around the world. We are very excited to join thousands of former and present Au Pairs, host families, and friends of the Au Pair program around the world in celebrating the International Au Pair Day for the first time in history!

Let’s make International Au Pair Day celebration unique and global!

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