Home is where Family is.

Priscila, Au Pair from Brazil, joined Go Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia in May, 2019. For a few months, Priscila accomplished a lot: she is studying in Penn State university, volunteering in History of Science museum, and exploring many new places -last week Priscila returned from her trip to Canada.

Priscila made a lot of friends and found a new family far away from home where she feels like at home now. Thank you, Priscila, for sharing your story.

It’s hard to choose a moment to write. Feeling that I belong here is a process that evolves each day. It’s building trust and showing that you care in multiple ways. It’s more than just words, it is also the way that we act. Since I was in Brazil, 3 months ago, I feel like Stephanie and the girls would be part of my family the same way that I would be part of theirs.

As time goes by, we moved to a comfortable place of jokes and plays. Every day I walk outside my room and Penelope runs to me waving and saying a cheerful “Hi!”. She hugs my legs and looks at me like she’s feeling safe with me around. Her sister is always behind her smiling and saying good morning in her cheerful way as well. It’s such a good way to start my days.

I admire Stephanie so much. She is a strong and confident woman and she built a house full of color and laughing by herself, the type of house that I wish I’ll able to offer to my own kids once I have them someday.

But searching among those happy moments to describe it here, I could definitely point our first trip together.

We went to Margate at the 4th of July, and we stayed at Stephanie’s dad beach house. Both him and his wife Lynn, Stephanie’s stepmom, treated me so well, making me feel welcome and dear. We went to see the fireworks, and everything was amazing. One day we were walking to the beach, was a beautiful sunny day, just as they’re supposed to be in July, and I called Stephanie and Eden to take a picture. Between all the bags and stuff, we manage to get close to each other and smile. As soon as we took the picture I said: first family trip!

Eden turned to her mom, a question popping at her head and showing all over her face (she is a very expressive kid) and asked: but mom, I’m pretty sure we’ve been here before…

Her mom smiled and answered: but, sweetie, that’s Priscila’s first time here, remember?

Eden turned to me and said, again showing so much her emotions, and as she smiled, she said to me: Oh, right! Because you are family too, now.

I never said that, thinking that she might answer me that way and being honest, it fills me with joy that she did. That was the moment that I realized that no matter what, I would be okay and safe with them.

It’s not always easy, especially at the very beginning when the girls still didn’t trust me. Seems a lifetime ago, now. Today Eden yelled at the kitchen while I was making her some pie: “I love you, Priscila.” I stopped for a little and said back: “I’m glad that you do, because I love you too.”

Although it’s funny to think about that… Finding a family when you’re so far from home. But my mom always said to me: home is where family is. Indeed she was right, feels like home now.

We are delighted to welcome Au Pair Mary from China to the Philadelphia and Bucks County cluster.

We are very delighted to welcome new Au Pair Mary from China as a new member of the Philadelphia and Bucks County cluster with Go Au Pair. Mary joined us just two weeks ago. The second year Au Pair from China Jasmine will help Mary to adjust to her new life in the US quickly. Thank you, Jasmine, for your kind offer.

Mary decided to be an Au Pair because she loves kids, wants to experience American culture and improve her English.

Mary likes making crafts, dancing, listening to music and reading the books. We asked Mary a few questions: What three adjectives best describe you? Determined, patient and responsible.

What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday? On Saturdays I like to read books, listen music and shopping.

What are two things that you consider yourself to be very good at? I’m very good at craft and handmade.

Mary already attended her first meeting and met many Au Pairs from Go Au Pair cluster. She had fun experience of watching a Glass Blowing Demo in Jim Loewer’s studio and got a unique piece of glass art. This gift will remind Mary about her first Au Pair meeting and that unique experience for a long time.

Welcome to the cluster, Mary!

Goodbyes are never easy!

Having a lot of Au Pairs and friends in the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ cluster of Go Au Pair is great –the difficult part is that we have to say goodbye a lot. In addition, the fact that we have many outstanding Au Pairs in our cluster, makes saying goodbye even more difficult.

We just said goodbye to three amazing Au Pairs who recently finished the program and who were nominated by their host families for Love My Au Pair Contest 2019. Thank you Maria Bilous from Ukraine

the best au pair of the year award maria

Mindy Araujo from El Salvador

the best au pair of the year award mindy

Yue Lu from China

the best au pair og the year award

for being outstanding Au Pairs and great friends and making your host families very happy!

Mariia , Mindy and Yue had been the cluster au pairs during two years and got great experience with their amazing host families in addition to traveling and exploring new places, attending American universities, making many international friends and  having a lot of fun with them in the US.

This month, we should say goodbye to three great Au Pairs: Au Pairs Pamela and Jaquelinne from Brazil and Au Pair Carin from South Africa.

Pamela and Jaquelinne spent two years and Carin one year, with their host families, got a second family away from home, and immersed into American life. They had the opportunity to learn about American culture and traditions, improve their English skills and gain valuable international work experience. They met new people, made new friends, and became more independent and mature.

I would like to thank the host families for joining the Au Pair Program and Go Au Pair cluster in the Philadelphia and Bucks County area, opening their homes and hearts and helping the young international people get amazing experience. Without your support and encouragement, it wouldn’t have been possible.

The Au Pair program was designed for only one or two years. Unfortunately, there is a time for every au pair to say goodbye for her/his host family and friends and goodbyes are never easy.2019 Au Pairs meeting in Philadelphia library

Thank you so much for being great Au Pairs, working hard, taking a great care of the kids, and being wonderful role models and friends to them!

Amazing opportunities for cultural childcare!

The Au Pair Program offers amazing opportunities for cultural childcare.  Au Pairs enhance the public’s awareness of this cultural exchange program and the mutual benefit au pairs and families get from it.

We have many outstanding Au Pairs who deserve the recognition and credit. Every year Go Au Pair chooses three Au Pairs for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to IAPA’s Conference and other awards. Go Au Pair Au Pairs been internationally recognized by the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) many times. The agency had the IAPA winners and finalists many times.

This year five Host Families from the Bucks County, Philadelphia and NJ area nominated their outstanding Au Pairs! Ukrainian Au Pair Mariia Belous and her Host Family- the Gerzon family became the runner up of 2018 Love My Au Pair contest with Go Au Pair!

Maria au pair from Ukraine

Mariia, Au Pair from Ukraine, is a local Au Pair who lives in Bucks County.  She came to the US two years ago and became a part of the Gerzon family Mariia’s host mom said “Mariia has made our lives richer, easier and more fun and this is why she deserves to get the best au pair award!”

“Mariia also keeps my kids entertained without depending on the TV for entertainment. Some of the things she does to entertain the kids are dance parties, karaoke concerts, and dress up games! She will make up imaginary games and stories. She also does arts and crafts with them, and makes sure they create artwork to give as gifts to me and our relatives. She has organized playdates with local kids and visited a local police station to meet a policeman!”

Au Pair from Ukraine

Congratulations, Mariia, on being nominated for Love my Au Pair contest for the second time and becoming a runner up of Love My Au Pair contest  this year! 

love my Au Pairs contest
Mariia just finished her second year of the Au Pair program. We wish Mariia the every success in her new journey.
The Au Pair Program is a great option not only for childcare needs, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to learn about foreign cultures and languages and make lifetime friends.


Welcoming new au pair from Ukraine YULIIA!

Hi everyone! Let me introduce new au pair Yuliia who joined our cluster just a few days ago!


Yuliia is 19 and she is a Ukrainian au pair. Yuliia joined a host family with two girls in Bucks County, PA. She said that she wants to be an Au Pair for many reasons,” Firstly, I like taking care of children very much. I am also very interested in improving my English and learning more about the USA (the culture, customs and best practices) because I am going to be an English Language & Literature teacher. Thirdly, since I am a student at the International University, I would like to take a gap year that would be a great help to my education.I would be honoured to introduce my country to Americans and share its culture and traditions at first hand. Finally, I am willing to widen my horizons, experience authentic American life style and develop any sense of international community and fellowship.”


It is exciting and good luck with all your plans! Please read Yuliia’s interview.
What are your hobbies and interests?
My hobbies are playing ukulele, embroidering, spending time outside walking or riding a bike, watching TV shows or cartoons.
What was the best event happening during last month?
Finally I had my braces off after two years of wearing them ;D.
What three adjectives best describe you?
Sociable, friendly, and positive.
If you had one wish what would it be?
My wish would be the peace in my country and among people.
What place would you like to visit?
I would like to visit Disneyland, New York City, Washington DC, Kansas City and Grand Canyon.

What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday?
My favorite way to spend a Saturday is to sleep as long as I can 😀 or to spend time outside with my family or friends.
What was the best complement you have ever received?
“You are the nicest person I’ve ever met”
What are two things that you consider to be good at?
I consider myself to be good at communicating with people and helping them if they need me.

We are looking forward to meeting you, YULIIA! We wish you a great au pair year!

Classes for the Au Pairs in the Philadelphia area

As part of the J-1 visa program, Au Pairs are required to complete an educational component. To fulfill the Au Pair education requirement, Au Pairs should complete six semester hours or the equivalent 72 hours (12 credits or 144 hours for educare program) in class.
Bellow are the most popular and affordable choices for the Au Pairs from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ area.

K7119 Cradle of Marketers Panel discussion?

Popular Weekend Classes

Rutgers in New Jersey

SilverBay at College of St. Rose 

Long Island University 

Cultural Hi-Ways offers the classes at Peirce College Learning Across America with tours to many locations  

Auditing Courses

Princeton University

Bucks County Community College 

Harcum College

Continuing Education

Bucks County Community College 

Harcum College Au Pair  Classes 

Community College of Philadelphia 

Delaware County Community College in Media

Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell

Regular classes

Moore College of Art and Design

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Rosemont College

Temple University

Please, plan ahead, speak with your host family and register for your class.

Good Luck!

Cultural exchange and volunteering with Au Pair friends

There are some extra adventures that Au Pairs can experience during their Au Pair year in the US, like the special moments of volunteering with friends.Au Pairs Philadelphia ISF

On Saturday, April 27th, 2019, the Au Pair team from Go Au Pair volunteered for the International Spring Festival in the Philadelphia area.

Au Pairs Philadelphia volunteers

Au Pairs from 10 countries: Brazilian Au Pairs, Chinese Au Pairs, Colombian Au Pairs, Salvadorian Au Pairs, Ecuadorian Au Pairs, Ukrainian Au Pairs, Argentinian Au Pairs, South African Au Pairs, Mexican Au Pairs, and French Au Pairs volunteered to make face paintings and crafts with kids,  distribute balloons, and represent their countries. Au Pairs Philadelphia 2019 Volunteering

An Au Pair from Bucks County, Genesis volunteered in the US for the first time and enjoyed the opportunity of volunteering with other Au Pairs at the international festival. She said,”we  had a happy time with other Au Pairs, we got to know each of us, we worked as a team, we did different activities and we enjoyed every second in the international festival.”

Gen, who came from Ecuador, said,”The international festival was an incredible experience for each one of us! We learned about different cultures from each part of the world, we met people from different countries, we tried different food from different countries. We also could watch various dances from different countries and appreciate art.” Au Pairs Host family

“I  had a beautiful time with my host family and my host kids! It was a day of great joy!” said Gen.

Volunteering at the International Spring Festival together with other Au Pairs and Americans is one of the special moments that many Au Pairs will remember for a long time.

Au Pairs volunteering as a team.

Volunteering as a team brings Au Pairs together and allows to discover another side of the American life. Volunteering is a very popular activity in the US.  Americans use some of their free time to volunteer and say that volunteering is fun and makes them feel happier. Volunteering is also an opportunity to make new connections and became a part of the community. It helps the Au Pairs get a rich cultural exchange experience which is a goal of the Au Pair program.

This year we are going to volunteer for the International Spring Festival  on Saturday, April 27th 2019 for the fifth time.

The Au Pair team from Go Au Pair will volunteer face painting, distribute balloons, make crafts with kids and represent many countries. There will be a huge cultural diversity Brazilian Au Pairs, Chinese Au Pairs, Colombian Au Pairs, Salvadorian Au Pairs,  Ecuadorian Au Pairs, Ukrainian Au Pairs, Argentinian Au Pairs, South African Au Pairs, Mexican Au Pairs, and French Au Pairs.

Au Pairs meeting in Philadelphia library 2019 year

Au Pairs are going to volunteer for the International Spring Festival  on April 27, 2019 for the fifth time.

We also will have Go Au Pair host children team! Thank you to the Host Families and Go Au Pair agency for supporting our teams!

Many Au Pairs are very enthusiastic and motivated to change the word for the better. To start changing the world, we may need only to directly impact the lives of a few people.

Small steps… but here is a start – volunteering at the International Spring Festival.
Come join us volunteering and/or enjoying the unique Festival which has been organized by international team!

Au Pairs volunteering for the International Festival in Philadelphia

Au Pairs from a Go Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia have been supporting the International Spring Festival for 5 years. We had such a great experience – the festival committee is talking highly about previous Au Pair volunteers!  Many Au Pairs said that volunteering for ISF was their favorite meeting. <3. The Festival features multi-cultural exhibits and vendors, food tasting, and fabulous performances of dance and music.
Go Au Pair at the International festival Mexico
This year, 17 Au Pairs signed up to volunteer for the International Spring Festival (ISF). The Festival will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2019  at  the North Penn High School,  1340 Valley Forge Road, Lansdale, PA 19446.

Go Au Pair volunteer 2016 ISF 4

There are also many other things at the festival for the Au Pairs to enjoy – more than 30 countries will be represented by other volunteers. Perhaps Au Pairs can speak with other volunteers from their native country, eat the home country dishes, or watch special cultural performances.  http://www.isfconnect.org/host-the-festival/

Au Pairs love kids hats

The most fun part will be meeting Au Pairs from 12 countries, making friends, sharing things about your culture, learning about others and volunteering your talent and skills together with other Au Pairs and the US volunteers. It is a great cultural exchange experience, which is a goal of the Au Pair program.Au Pairs love kids 2018We are going to distribute balloons, volunteer doing face painting, making crafts with kids, etc. Thank you Go Au Pair agency for supporting our team and providing the supplies. Please come to meet other host families near the Go Au Pair table at 12:00 pm or any time from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm to join our volunteers and/or enjoy the Festival.

Go Au Pair volunteer

Come and meet our international team – Au Pairs from China, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, France, Uganda, Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Our team is looking forward to making the festival experience very special for you!

Au Pairs obtaining a Pennsylvania Driver’s Licence

Au pairs are permitted to drive in Pennsylvania for up to 1 year with the following 4 documents: an international driver’s license, a home country license, a J1 visa and a DS 2019 form. However, obtaining a Pennsylvania Driver’s Licence is very important. Here is 8 reasons why an Au Pair should get a PA Driver’s License.Au Pairs driving

In order to get a driver’s license Au Pairs must have a Social Security number.

The Au Pairs should begin studying for the learner’s permit test, which is a written test that  can be taking on the computer at a Driver’s License Center.  Please click on this link to practice for the test. If an Au Pair speaks Spanish, she/he you can choose to study for the Learner’s permit and take the test in Spanish.

Then,  Au Pair need to complete DL -180 form and visit a doctor to get a medical physical form done. After that, she/he should visit PennDOT Driver License Center with a completed DL -180 form,  their visa, passport,  1-94 form,  DS 2019, Social Security card, a check or money order payable to PennDOT, and two acceptable proofs of residency- please contact a Driver License Center for more info.

Au pairs should take the eye screening and Knowledge Test at a PennDOT Driver License Center. Once passed, Au Pairs will be issued the Initial Learner’s Permit.

After Au Pairs get a permit, they can schedule a driver’s license exam. This test will be in an actual driving test in a car. When visiting a Driver License Center to take a road test, they have to bring valid learner’s permit, proof of vehicle insurance, proof of vehicle registration, accompanying driver’s valid driver’s license.

Good Luck with obtaining a Pennsylvania Driver License!

Remember,  never drive and talk/text on the cell phone at the same time, make sure the children are correctly in their car seats and everyone wears seat bells at all times. Also, NEVER drink alcohol and drive.

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