Classes for the Au Pairs in the Philadelphia area

As part of the J-1 visa program, au pairs are required to complete an educational component. To fulfill the Au Pair education requirement Au Pairs should complete six semester hours or the equivalent 72 hours ( (12 credits or 144 hours for educare program) in class.
Bellow are the most popular and affordable choices for the Au Pairs from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ area.

K7119 Cradle of Marketers Panel discussion?

Popular Weekend Classes

Rutgers in New Jersey

SilverBay at College of St. Rose 

Long Island University 

Cultural Hi-Ways offers the classes at Peirce College Learning Across America with tours to many locations  

Auditing Courses

Princeton University

Bucks County Community College 

Harcum College

Continuing Education

Bucks County Community College 

Harcum College Au Pair  Classes 

Community College of Philadelphia 

Delaware County Community College in Media

Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell

Regular classes

Moore College of Art and Design

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Rosemont College

Temple University

Please, plan ahead, speak with your host family and register for your class.

Good Luck!


Volunteering with Au Pairs friends and cultural exchange.

There are some extra adventures that Au Pairs can experience during their Au Pair year in the US like the special moments of volunteering with friends.Au Pairs Philadelphia ISF

On Saturday, April 27th 2019 the Au Pair team from Go Au Pair volunteered for the International Spring Festival in the Philadelphia area.

Au Pairs Philadelphia volunteers

Au Pairs from 10 countries -Brazilian Au Pairs, Chinese Au Pairs, Colombian Au Pairs, Salvadorian Au Pairs,  Ecuadorian Au Pairs, Ukrainian Au Pairs, Argentinian Au Pairs, South African Au Pairs, Mexican Au Pairs, and French Au Pairs –volunteered face painting, distributed balloons, made crafts with kids and represented their countries. Au Pairs Philadelphia 2019 Volunteering

The Au Pair from Bucks County Genesis volunteered in the US for the first time and enjoyed the opportunity of volunteering with other Au Pairs at the international festival,”we  had a happy time with other Au Pairs, we got to know each of us, we worked as a team, we did different activities and we enjoyed every second in the international festival”

Gene, who came from Ecuador, said,”The international festival was an incredible experience for each one of us! We learned about different cultures from each part of the world, we met people from different countries, we tried different food from different countries. We also could watch various dances from different countries and appreciate art.” Au Pairs Host family

“I  had a beautiful time with my host family and my host kids! It was a day of great joy!”said Gene.

Volunteering at the International Spring Festival together with other Au Pairs and Americans is one of the special moments that many Au Pairs will remember for a long time.

Au Pairs volunteering as a team.

Volunteering as a team brings Au Pairs together and allows to discover another side of the American life. Volunteering is a very popular activity in the US.  Americans use some of their free time to volunteer and say that volunteering is fun and makes them feel happier. Volunteering is also an opportunity to make new connections and became a part of the community. It helps the Au Pairs get a rich cultural exchange experience which is a goal of the Au Pair program.

This year we are going to volunteer for the International Spring Festival  on Saturday, April 27th 2019 for the fifth time.

The Au Pair team from Go Au Pair will volunteer face painting, distribute balloons, make crafts with kids and represent many countries. There will be a huge cultural diversity Brazilian Au Pairs, Chinese Au Pairs, Colombian Au Pairs, Salvadorian Au Pairs,  Ecuadorian Au Pairs, Ukrainian Au Pairs, Argentinian Au Pairs, South African Au Pairs, Mexican Au Pairs, and French Au Pairs.

Au Pairs meeting in Philadelphia library 2019 year

Au Pairs are going to volunteer for the International Spring Festival  on April 27, 2019 for the fifth time.

We also will have Go Au Pair host children team! Thank you to the Host Families and Go Au Pair agency for supporting our teams!

Many Au Pairs are very enthusiastic and motivated to change the word for the better. To start changing the world, we may need only to directly impact the lives of a few people.

Small steps… but here is a start – volunteering at the International Spring Festival.
Come join us volunteering and/or enjoying the unique Festival which has been organized by international team!

Au Pairs volunteering for the International Festival in Philadelphia

Au Pairs from Go Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia have been supporting the International Spring Festival for 5 years. We had such a great experience – the festival committee is talking highly about previous Au Pairs volunteers!  Many Au Pairs said that volunteering for ISF was their favorite meeting. <3. The Festival features multi-cultural exhibits and vendors, food tasting, and fabulous performances of dance and music.
Go Au Pair at the International festival Mexico
This year 17 Au Pairs signed up to volunteer for the International Spring Festival (ISF). The Festival will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2019  at  the North Penn High School,  1340 Valley Forge Road, Lansdale, PA 19446.

Go Au Pair volunteer 2016 ISF 4

There are also many other things at the festival for the Au Pairs to enjoy – more than 30 countries will be represented by other volunteers. Perhaps Au Pairs can speak with other volunteers from their native country, eat the home country dishes, or watch special cultural performance

Au Pairs love kids hats

The most fun part will be meeting Au Pairs from 12!!!! countries, making friends, sharing about your culture, learning about others and volunteering your talent and skills together with other Au Pairs and the US volunteers. It is a great cultural exchange experience, which is a goal of the Au Pair program.Au Pairs love kids 2018We are going to distribute balloons, volunteer doing face painting, making crafts with kids, etc. Thank you Go Au Pair agency for supporting our team and providing the supplies. Please come to meet other host families near Go Au Pair table at 12:00 pm. or any time from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm to join our volunteers and/or enjoy the Festival.

Go Au Pair volunteer

Come and meet our international team -Au Pairs from China, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, France, Uganda, Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Our team is looking forward to making the festival experience very special for you!

Au Pairs obtaining a Pennsylvania Driver’s Licence

Au pairs are permitted to drive in Pennsylvania for up to 1 year with the following 4 documents: an international driver’s license, a home country license, a J1 visa and a DS 2019 form. However, obtaining a Pennsylvania Driver’s Licence is very important. Here is 8 reasons why an Au Pair should get a PA Driver’s License.Au Pairs driving

In order to get a driver’s license Au Pairs must have a Social Security number.

The Au Pairs should begin studying for the learner’s permit test, which is a written test that  can be taking on the computer at a Driver’s License Center.  Please click on this link to practice for the test. If an Au Pair speaks Spanish, she/he you can choose to study for the Learner’s permit and take the test in Spanish.

Then,  Au Pair need to complete DL -180 form and visit a doctor to get a medical physical form done. After that, she/he should visit PennDOT Driver License Center with a completed DL -180 form,  their visa, passport,  1-94 form,  DS 2019, Social Security card, a check or money order payable to PennDOT, and two acceptable proofs of residency- please contact a Driver License Center for more info.

Au pairs should take the eye screening and Knowledge Test at a PennDOT Driver License Center. Once passed, Au Pairs will be issued the Initial Learner’s Permit.

After Au Pairs get a permit, they can schedule a driver’s license exam. This test will be in an actual driving test in a car. When visiting a Driver License Center to take a road test, they have to bring valid learner’s permit, proof of vehicle insurance, proof of vehicle registration, accompanying driver’s valid driver’s license.

Good Luck with obtaining a Pennsylvania Driver License!

Remember,  never drive and talk/text on the cell phone at the same time, make sure the children are correctly in their car seats and everyone wears seat bells at all times. Also, NEVER drink alcohol and drive.

Congratulations to Hendry from S. Africa on his second Au Pair year!

One year ago we welcomed Hendry,  male Au Pair from South Africa, into Go Au Pair in the Philadelphia and Bucks County area cluster. Hendry joined the family of a single mother with 4 year old son and two year old twins. Being only twenty, Hendry has already been an au pair in China and has a lot of experience working with kids. Au pairs

We love to interview our Au Pairs. In his first interview Hendry mentioned that the reason he wanted to be an au pair is because children are his passion, he really enjoys spending time with them. Besides that Hendry loves kids, he also likes to travel, meet new people, explore new places and make new memories. And Hendry really traveled a lot, made many friends and became a buddy to a few Au Pairs.Au pairs Go Au Pair

Henry likes his host family and he said, “The right family will make you feel right at home and you wont feel homesick so you can enjoy your time here.”

That was an awesome year full of learning new things, making new friends traveling and exploring the Philadelphia. The kids adore Hendry and Hendry’s host mom extended the offer asking Hendry to continue with the family for another year!

Au pairs from S. Africa

One year later we are interviewing Hendry again and asking Hendry about his experience of being an Au Pair in the US.Au Pairs from S. Africa.What places you visited you like the most? I liked New York the most.
What was your favorite way to spend your free time in the USA? The city (Philadelphia) is just incredible and I go there over and over again. I spend most of my time traveling, but if i cant travel then I explore the city with my friends.
What is your favorite thing about being an au pair? My favorite thing is how much freedom and resources you have to travel.
What do you like about being an au pair in America, with Go Au Pair and the Philadelphia cluster? I like how supportive everybody is.
What has been your best experience living in the US? My best experience was going to the jingle ball concert in New York.
What is the most valuable lesson you have learned that being an au pair has taught you? Be wise how you spend your time. It goes away quicker than money.

What are new things you experienced? Halloween, Hanukkah, 4th of July, philly cheese steak, and cinnobun.Au pairs from South AfricaCongratulations, Hendry!  Good Luck and best wishes for the second Au Pair year!



8 reasons why an Au Pair should get a Pennsylvania Driver’s license

The Traffic Laws are vary from state to state.  Pennsylvania Law permits the Au Pairs to drive with a valid Home Country License and a valid International License for up to one year. However, Go Au Pair recommends to obtain a Pennsylvania Driver’s Licence ASAP even though the Au Pairs do NOT need to have a Pennsylvania license.Au Pair driving in the US

Getting a US Driver’s License can be advantageous for the following reasons:

  1. a Host Family feels confident that the Au Pair has passed the Pennsylvania Driver’s License requirements
  2.  a PA Driver’s License is the extra identification which is good for traveling around inside the U.S and in some case you must have it (for example, to rent a car.)
  3. an Au Pair needs a PA or a US Driver Licence to drive out of state where the driving law is required to have the US driver license (for example, crossing NJ state)
  4. an Au Pair will need a US Driver Licence if she/he plans to extend for another year and getting a Driver Licence latter can be complicated
  5. a Host Family usually will have a cheaper car insurance if Au Pair has a PA Driver Licence. 
  6.  local police does not always recognize an international driver’s license and may question the legality of the au pair’s papers
  7. an American driving license is an excellent benchmark in case an Au Pair in a transition moving out of state where the driving laws will most likely be different. 
  8. a US Driver Licence is a great souvenir to bring home, ❤

Weekend Au Pairs classes

The Au Pairs should complete six semester hours (12 for educare program), or the equivalent 72 hours (144 for educare program) in class. An Au Pair may complete any course she/he wishes; it does not have to be an English language class.  Those Au Pairs wanting to extend must complete their educational requirement by their 10th month. Between the semesters the Au Pairs still can take the weekend classes.Au Pair classesHere are Colleges that have weekend classes for Au Pairs

Silver Bay Au Pair course 

lIU weekend classes

University of the Virgin Islands

Au Pairs can attend classes in Pierce College and then participate in a Cultural Hi-Ways tour to the destination they are studying.

Au Pairs class. Please, plan ahead, speak with your host family and apply with local college or take weekend classes. Good luck with your studying!

What’s your inspiration?

Hey guys, It is Mariia, Ukrainian au pair. I live in Bucks County, PA with my awesome host family.  I have been in the US for a long time and I really enjoy my second Au Pair year!

What’s your inspiration? Personally mine it’s to travel. My last trip was to Dallas, TX

I can give you some basic facts that you should know about this placeMaria au pair Bucks County 1

1. Crazy drivers with huge and confusing highway

2. BBQ,  OMG, this place is not for vegetarians 😅 If you love steaks as I do, you are in the right state.

3. Cowboys 🤠. People love guns and those cool outfits that you could see in old Western movies.Maria au pair from Bucks County

4. Stockyard, rodeo, cowboys and cowgirls, bulls, horses 🐴 and tons of cool souvenirs.

5. Bars are very unique by their old school design and full of Wild West spirit.Maria au pair Bucks County 2

6. Graffiti. It’s definitely huge part of Dallas. You can see tons of it on old buildings;

7. People are very friendly and howdy lol.

Maria au pair Bucks County

8. Monuments of horses

9. A lot of Mexican culture. So if you are a fan of Mexican food that’s a good spot to get some yummy 😋 burritos with margaritas

10. Live music with country bands and line dances.Maria au pair Ukraine

100% I will go back there! Dallas, I love you ❤️.

Congrats to local Au Pair Mariia who is a runner-up of Love My Au Pair Contest!

Our warmest congratulations to Ukrainian Au Pair Mariia Belous and her Host Family- the Gerzon family! They became the runner up of 2018 Love My Au Pair contest with Go Au Pair and won Amazon gift cards, ❤

Mariia, Au Pair from Ukraine, is a local Au Pair who lives in Bucks County.  She came to the US 20 months ago and became a part of the Gerzon family –  single mom with two adorable girls. Alla, the host mom said “Mariia has made our lives richer, easier and more fun and this is why she deserves to get the best au pair award! As the 2nd year of Mariia being with us draws to a close, I’m saddened to think about how my girls will miss her when she leaves.Maria Au Pair from Bucks County We have formed an incredible bond with Mariia that will stay with us for a lifetime.My children, although they are adorable, are not the easiest to take care of because they are so close in age and often “team up against you”. Maria from UkraineMariella is such a picky eater, and Mariia has the patience to make sure Mariella eats a proper meal with enough variety. With Mariia’s help, Mariella grew so much since her arrival because Mariia insists on proper nutrition. I really have to thank Mariia for that because Mariella has always been the smallest in her class, but now she is catching up to the other kids.Au Pair Bucks County PA


Mariia also keeps my kids entertained without depending on the TV for entertainment. Some of the things she does to entertain the kids are dance parties, karaoke concerts, and dress up games! She will make up imaginary games and stories. She also does arts and crafts with them, and makes sure they create artwork to give as gifts to me and our relatives. She has organized playdates with local kids and visited a local police station to meet a policeman! Maria au pair from Ukraine

However, it is not all fun and games with Mariia, as she also helps my daughter do homework as well as her Kumon work. With Mariia’s help, Mariella learned to read and does math problems like a pro (for a 1st grader). She taught my kids responsibility like cleaning up after themselves after dinner and an important life lessons like “eat your food before having dessert”, or “homework/work before playtime”.Au Pair from Ukraine

I love to travel, and with Maria by my side, I have been able to take my family on vacations without too much stress for me. Some of my favorite memories with Mariia and my girls was when we went on family vacations together. We have travelled a lot including going to Florida, Mexico and Baltimore/ Washington. Normally I would be the one watching my kids, but this time with Mariia, I got to relax and actually enjoy the vacation. I would never dream of taking vacations as a single parent without help because, it is just too hard to watch two when you are only one. Now with Mariia we can team up and watch the girls with no problem.”love my Au Pairs contest

Congratulations, Mariia, on being nominated for Love my Au Pair contest for the second time and becoming a runner up of Love My Au Pair contest  this year! We wish you the every success.


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