Welcome to our great cluster Ana Maria!

October just started and I have great news for you all!!!! Ana Maria is join us, she is 23 years old and she is from Colombia! Ana is so happy to be part of our amazing team! Lets see more about this incredible woman:


Ana wants to be an Au Pair because she loves her experience with children, either as a teacher or as a nanny. She also mentioned that children are amazing since they are all the time full of energy and ready to play! That’s awesome!


Anita knows that kids need an example to follow and she would like to be the example for her host kids!She considers that being an Au Pair is also a great opportunity to improve her English and at the same time save some money. That’s great!

“This last month I had the opportunity to meet New York City for the first time, It was amazing”


Ana loves to travel, to write and to visit museums , further more she enjoy spending time with her friends!she would like to visit the Grand Canyon, San Francisco and natural places in the US! I am sure you will have enough time to travel around this gorgeous country.
“I know, it might sound corny, but if I could wish something I would wish happiness for everyone, I care a lot about people around me so, if everybody its happy I would too”
Ana Maria, welcome once again to this incredible team! This is just a little bit about this interesting woman and if you are interested to know about her, do not doubt to talk to Ana. I am sure she will be glade to talk to you all!




Earn educational credits while traveling.

Every au pair is required to earn educational credits during their year in the United States. Many Au Pairs enjoyed the trips with Cultural Hi-Ways and earned the credits. Ophelia, Au Pair from China, wrote about the trip/ classes with Cultural Hi-Ways. Kiah, Au Pair from Australia, wrote about the trip to Washington, DC.

Cultural Hi-Ways gives Au Pairs an opportunity to study and travel. 99% of Cultural Hi-Ways’ guests are Au Pairs.  Au Pairs can register for an educational course through the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) which will combine classroom learning with a tour to the destination studied.

Education earned per course is 4 CEU’s or 40 hours and the class locates at Peirce College – Philadelphia. Here are two tours are coming soon Niagara Falls and Washington, DC.

Niagara Falls

Class Dates:Sunday, August 28, September 11, September 18.Tour Date: September 30-October 2, 2016
Learn More About Niagara Falls Tour»

Washington, DC
Class Dates:Sunday, October 9, October 16, October 30
Tour Dates: November 12-13, 2016
Learn More About Washington, DC Tour»

Long Island University

For those of you who wants to experience a little bit of college life while earning credits… this is the place for you.

LIU Logo_new

In December Cherry and I did a Child Development course at Long Island University, New York. We had class the Friday night, whole Saturday and Sunday morning. At first I was bummed out that we had to have class the Friday night, but our teacher was awesome and made it worth our while. Nicole (the teacher) is very talkative and through the whole course she told us stories about her career and the children that she has worked with. After this course I am totally willing to admit that I definitely have the most normal host family, which I’m blessed to have.


The course also mainly focuses on children that either have behavioral/mental issues, or disabilities. So if there’s any au pairs out there that feel like they need a break or even just advice on how to handle your host children, take this course.


Aside from the course, we had fun staring a dorm with 8 different girls, each taking their own course. Cherry and I had one tiny room with a bunk-bed. It was pretty hilarious trying to sleep on a tiny mattress with typical college bedding. Even though we mostly spent our nights hanging out in different places. You can go out on Saturday night if you have your own car or if you are willing to pay for a cab to go search for a party somewhere.


You receive 3 credits for this course and my personal opinion is that they could have given us more credits for the amount of hours we’ve spent in class. Overall, it is a fun course. If anyone wants to know anything about the course or about LIU, feel free to ask.

This is me

For those of you who still don’t know who I am, my name is Tania de Lange. I just turned 21 and I’m from Pretoria, South Africa.


After finishing high school, I studied and graduated graphic design. While I was studying, I started au pairing and I absolutely loved spending time with children and being able to teach them. My home-language is Afrikaans, but English is my second and favorite language. I signed up at Go Au Pair at the beginning of February and I matched with the Kafer family in June.


The Kafer family is a wonderful family that lives here in Philadelphia, in a small town called Mt Airy. I’m an au pair to three gorgeous children, two girls and one boy. The oldest girl Maia, is 8 years old, the middle girl, Ellie is 6 years old and then baby Tai is turning one in 4 days.



I’ve been in the US a month now and I still feel very welcomed by everyone. The au pairs that I’ve met are from all over the world and it’s been interesting getting to know everyone and learning about their languages, cultures and how they did things back home. I’m certainly looking forward to getting to know more au pairs!


I would like to thank Polina, our clusters LAR. She has written a beautiful introduction about me and is always there when I need or want to know something. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the au pairs and the blog Polina 🙂

Also go check out some of Cosima’s work, she really does a lot of trouble doing the interviews for all of the au pairs, including my interview. Thank you once again Cosima 🙂

Who stressed more, me or my suitcase?

Okay girls, so we all know how the clothes situation went when we had to start packing for the big day. I mean, when the agency, Go Au Pair, read the list of clothes that we can take, back in South Africa on training day (where we discussed everything about the au pair program), all the girls in the room, including me, almost had a heart attack! I could see the expressions on their faces and it was yelling: “HOW WILL WE SURVIVE WITH SO FEW CLOTHES??”


So there I was, dragging my suitcase out of my room (I thought I had it all figured out when I started packing things away earlier the year into it – but boy, was I wrong!!), the thing was so heavy, it felt like I’ve stored a baby elephant in it!  So, when I opened it to start packing (with my eyes closed of course) the clothes peeled out and I realized how long the night was going to be sorting through everything!

By the time I was done, my suitcase was probably thinking that I wanted to murder it with clothes! Poor thing! But I weighted it on the scale and it was under 23kg /50lb which was the weight limit, so I pretty much felt at rest about that.


The next day was the big day, it was a Sunday (17 August) and my grandfather and brother had to drag my suitcase and hand luggage around in the airport and we went to go wrap them. After they’ve been wrapped, I went to go weigh them on the scales in the airport before you check in, and suddenly it was 3kg /6lb over the weight limit!

See what I meant with the baby elephant. So there I was, taking the wrap off of my bags and taking extra things (a pack of tissues,  a book and some few South African sweets) out of my bag. So I went to go weigh it again and suddenly it dropped to 21kg /46lb. HOW on earth did that happen?

Anyway, after landing in France, 10 hours later, I had both my hand luggage to drag behind me and my laptop and camera was SO heavy in my hand luggage that the wheels didn’t want to work and I was going crazy trying to pull it behind me.

When we changed planes to fly to JFK New York, I waited and waited for my bag and it just did’nt show up (a girls worst nightmare!). So after freaking out a bit, my bag somehow ended up wayyy on the other side of the lane, but both the handles and the wheels on my suitcase had broken. So there I was, trying to pull the both the suitcase and my hand luggage which refused to work. After a while, I started to kick my bags so that it would work, and I’m 100% sure i looked like such an idiot!

BUT I struggled with both broken bags all the way from the airport to the hotel, then on the day we left New York, I somehow carried and struggled with those bags through the airport, from the airport to the train, through the train station and on the train until I got off at Philadelphia.


I was extremely happy when I  arrived at my host family’s house, mainly because I got the chance to get rid of my damn suitcase!

If you have any funny suitcase stories, let me know 🙂

Ling, Au Pair from China, the first two weeks being an Au Pair in the USA.

Enjoy the post of my blog guest,  a new Au Pair from China Ling. Ling lives in Philadelphia, she is very active and for a short time made a lot of friends.Ling , Au Pair from China

Ling’s buddy Monica, the Au Pair from Colombia, who lives in Philadelphia for more than a year, is helping Ling constantly. Several months ago we started Au Pair buddy program as well as other Go Au Pair Agency’s clusters. It became much easier to adjust to life in the USA for new Au Pairs. Here is a proof Ling is in the Color Festival with other Au Pairs from the Philadelphia NJ cluster.Au Pairs Philadelphia Color Festival

I’m Ling, 26  years old, from China. It’s been 2 weeks since I came here. For a new Aupair and a family who has an Aupair the first time,the first week was hard. However, I guess communication is a very important thing for both Aupair and host family, because that’s how I worked things out. If you don’t know how to do it, you can tell your LAR about your situation, I’m sure she will help you.But also you need a great buddy, like me.  I have Monica, she helps me a lot. Lucky me!two Au Pairs from Philadelphia

And also I want to share something with you. I got upgraded from economic class to business class during my first journey(from Hong-Kong to Doha to America. Lucky, lucky!

Au pair trip from  Ghina to Philadelphia

On Friday, we girls had a party, we chat, drink and play games. So my tips for new Aupair is-try to fit in other girls, you will feel less homesick.Au Pairs Philadelphia fun

Then the first weekend, Monica and I went to outlets for shopping. I bought a lot of things for the fall.Au Pair Philadelphia game

On the second Saturday, a few of us went to the color festival, it was awesome. We had a lot of fun together. But that is another story I would love to share with you.

Natalia Caro, our new Au Pair from Colombia

Even if I posted the last interview only a few days ago, we have way more to publish. July and August are our busy months. After Ana Maria we got another Au Pair from Colombia. Natalia arrived at her host family in Philadelphia this month. Our au pair Karla kindly offered to be her buddy and help Natalia with the first steps as a new member of our cluster. Thanks Karla!

I’m from Bogota, Colombia and 21 years old. I want to share a little bit of my life with you and hope to meet you girls soon.


I came to US as an au pair, because I love to work with kids and I want to learn more about other cultures.

In my free time I like to go swimming, watching movies and baking.

Get to know Ariana, my host child, was one of the best things in the last few weeks.


Natalia characterizes herself as responsible, grateful and friendly.

Her wish is to be able to speak as many languages as possible.

Natalia 2

Places I want to visit are Los Angeles, CA, Miami,FL and Alaska.

Besides my other hobbies I like to travel, shopping and to study.

During my year as an au pair I hope to learn a lot about kids, American culture and to improving my English.

Given that she’s totally new to this area, I hope she can meet a lot of new people here and have a great year in the US! Welcome to our cluster and see you soon!

Au Pairs Buddy

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.  ~Douglas Pagels

There are a lot of what to learn when a new Au Pair comes to the US.  A new Au Pair needs special attention, extra support and constant help during her first weeks. As a Local Area Representative I am always available to help.  Go Au Pair  also has an Au Pair Sis support program, and we have the cluster Au Pair face book support group.

It is very important for the Au Pair to make Au Pair friends as soon as possible. Au Pairs have tons of things in common and a lot of experiences that they can share. There is a new ongoing initiative for each new Au Pair from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ cluster- a new Au Pair will have an Au Pair Buddy, a supportive Au Pair friend even before her arriving to the US.

Au Pair friendsThe responsibilities of the Au Pairs Buddy are contacting a new Au Pair prior to her arriving through email or facebook, welcoming her, answering her questions, planing a meeting within the first week. The Buddy should meet the new Au Pair soon after arrival for a face to face connection and introduce her to a few exciting things they can do in the area.  Also, the current au pairs  may help them with school recommendation and general au pair questions. The Buddy will continue to be a good support throughout her stay. It is the best way to make true friends for life.

Other cluster in the Minneapolis area has had this support program for a long time and Au Pairs love being a buddy, some of them even became buddies to 4-5 new Au Pairs at a time. I will try to match each new Au Pair  with Au Pairs  from their home country, someone around their same age or location of their host families.  


The definition from the freedictionary.com of a ” bud·dy”  (bŭd′ē)  is  a good friend; a comrade, a  partner. I hope that new Au Pairs will be able to adjust to a new life quicker since they will have a buddy.  Lend a hand- become a buddy for a new Au Pair.

thank you buddy

Being a Buddy to a new Au Pair is one of the best things you can be.

Happy Valentine’s Day—with my little boyfriend Theo

Ophelia’s Diary.

This is Theo’s first Valentine’s Day, also my first Valentine’s Day. We are both so excited about this!

Specially Theo can spend this holiday with his Au Pair girlfriend—ME!

Au pair host child

I made a cute gift for Theo. It’s paper folding animals. Totally eight animals. Before Valentine’s Day I showed the gift to him for one second, he really likes it. But I won’t give it to him until Valentine’s Day. You have to wait, my dearest Theo!

animals faces

The Valentine’s Day on February 14 in China is known as Western Valentine. But we do have our own Valentine’s Day. It’s on July 7 of a lunar month. There is a beautiful story about this holiday.

Happy valentineA fairy fell in love with a normal man and had two children with him. Her parents didn’t allow this, so they separated this poor lovers. This fairly was so sad, then her parents showed mercy to her. She was allowed to see her husband and children for one time every year. The day they meet is lunar July 7. At this day, all the birds will fly to the sky make a bridge for them.

Valentines Day

In China we celebrate both of these two Valentine’s Day. After I celebrate this with Theo, I am going to celebrate it again with the one I love who is from Las Vegas!

valentine's story

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone can find true love soon.

Happy Valentine's

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My 2014 New Year’s Resolutions.

Ophelia’s Diary.

In 2013, I harvested a lot as an Au Pair. I was so blessed, because I got a lot of help and useful advice from my host family, Go Au Pair, Au Pair Sis and my LAR. Thank all of you so much! Because of your help, I could have wonderful Au Pair experience in America. Au Pairs from Go Au Pair Now is 2014, I believe that if I work hard, everything will be great. Here are my New Year’s resolutions. I am looking forward to experiencing a fruitful new year.2014 au Pairs resolutionsBe an excellent Au Pair. I love my Au Pair job. Being an Au Pair not just mean taking care of children. Of course, we must put host children’s safety at first place, also we need to make sure they are happy and educate them as well. I love teaching Theo new things, we have a lot of fun learning new sounds and different animals.

Au pair with her host child Prepare for graduate school. As an Au Pair we can go to school as well. This is  excellent. This gives me a chance to experience American education. I like it a lot. I am planing to go to graduate school here after I finish my Au Pair program. But this will never be easy. First, I need to past TOEFL and GMAT test. From now on I have to work hard on it. Au pair in the college Experience more American culture and history. Learning new things always makes me excited. Now I am taking Washington DC Educational Trip class. I learned a lot things about American history, like The American Revolution and The American Civil War. I will try my best to explore more cultural and historical things in my last Au Pair years. Au Pair US Want to know more details about my DC Educational Trip class? Come and read about it next time! Au Pair Ophelia Happy Chinese lunar New Year again!

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