A farewell to a wonderful au pair Maria Paula

Being an au-pair is a great experience, involving a lot of fun, but unfortunately there is a time for every au pair to say goodbye to her/his host family and friends…

A great au pair from Mexico, Maria Paula, is leaving soon – June, 16.


But before she leaves, we asked her a couple of questions.

  1. Do you like your Au Pair experience with Go Au Pair? – Yes, this experience has been nice and I met amazing people, friends and a new family.
  2. What places you visited you like the most? –  I went to a lot of places but definitely New York, that’s always been my favorite place, but I liked DC, and Annapolis too.
  1. What was your favorite way to spend your free time in the USA? –  With my Mexican friends, that was my favorite part of the week, going shopping, traveling or just laying watching Netflix with them.
  2. What do you like about being an au pair in America, with Go Au Pair and the Philadelphia cluster? –  It is a safe place to be in another country, the best way to find a new family and to learn more about yourself.
  3. What has been your best experience living in the US? –  Everything I lived here, was a good experience, I don’t regret anything and I enjoyed every moment, but one of my favorites is when my parents came to visit me!
  4. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned that being an au pair has taught you?  – That I am not ready to be mother lol!! I learned a lot about myself, a lot of stuff that I am able to do and I didn’t know it before, I learned to be patient, I learned tolerance and get used to things that I wasn’t used to.

What are new things you experienced? –  My cooking skills got way better, college and be away from home.

How do you like the experience being a part of an American family? –  It was different, but it was awesome, I was lucky to have a good family and it will be hard to say goodbye.

What is your favorite Au Pair meeting? –  The laser tag one, Polina chose a good place, we had a lot of fun and it was cool.

Would you recommend being an au pair to others?  – If they want to have the best experience, yes!!

What are your wishes to your friends, cluster, LAR and Go Au Pair?  – I hope my Au pairs friends have a good experience like mine, that they enjoy and learn a lot, I hope Polina continues being the LAR because she is the best!!!

Maria Paula, thanks for sharing with us and we wish you to have a good safe flight back home and always keep in touch with us – friends from  your Philadelphia cluster.




Welcome, Christine Zhao, a new au pair from China!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very happy to introduce a new member of our Philadelphia cluster, an au-pair from China, Christine!


Christine  likes exercising when she has some free time. She enjoys reading books and exploring different places as well as making friends. Well, I can assure Christine : being an au-pair and belonging to our Philadelphia cluster guarantees you will make a lot of new cool friends:)

13292946_102827726805653_401422743_n  13293276_102827736805652_1225111190_n

Back in China Christine has a happy family of four people, who she loves beyond her imagination. She likes hanging out with her younger brother. I think he’s very cute:)

13293360_102828093472283_1793685424_n 13288893_102828086805617_1406667627_n

Christine also shares a little bit about her host family : “My  host family is Justin and Hannah. They are nice people. They give me a lot of courage to stay here and explore this city.”

Christine has spent her Memorial day  in Chinatown with her friend  from Boston and she said it was awesome!

She went to Florida last year and found the place so beautiful, that she’s looking for a friend to go there again and enjoy the paradise.Any volunteers?:)

Christine, we are very happy to have you as a part of our cluster and we wish you to have a really unforgettable time and enjoy being an au-pair!


Au Pair – a partner in parenting!

According to  lifesitenews.com the number of children living in single-parent homes has nearly doubled since 1960 and the number of single-parent families is growing.au-pair Bucks Conty 1

Single parents need reliable and cost-effective childcare. By providing childcare at the same cost regardless of the number of children in the household, the au pair program is the perfect option.

An Au Pair becomes an important member and valued addition to the family- a responsible partner in parenting. Having the Au Pair gives the children stability, support, and a life long friend.2014

The Au Pair also gives parent some free time away from the kids. When a single parent is away, the children are in the hands of a trusted person in their own home and with someone they are comfortable with.

The Au Pair follows house rules and parent’s childcare preferences. They provide a partnership in parenting in day-to-day life.

St Patrick’s Day Parade

As we all know it was just St Patrick’s day and in the past I’ve never been a celebrator for St Patrick’s day its more just bIMG_0829een an excuse to get drunk which is pretty much an Australian tradition no matter the holiday, but this year being in America and everything I thought I’d get into the spirit and attend my first ever St Patrick’s Day parade.

Never the less on Sunday the 15th of March I headed to Philadelphia to watch the parade! Now to paint a little picture for you all, lately the weather has been warming up, and I was staying at a friends on the Saturday night so I didn’t pack my coat because I wanted to pack light. And so on this faithful Sunday morning with a temperature of below 5 degrees Celsius, all I was wearing was leggings, a t-shirt and a denim jacket. I feel safe in my heart in saying, I have never been so cold in my entire life! It was by far the moIMG_0784st painfully, freezing cold I have every experienced!

So anyways, the day was completely amazing! I love meeting new au pairs, there all as crazy as me which is amazing and have the same nerves and fears as me which calms me down and helps me a lot to know that I’m not the only one!   IMG_0729

Helpful Tips for Au Pairs

Below are the tips that may be useful during an Au Pair Journey, check them out and post your own advice below!


  • Open Your Mind. You can learn a lot from your host family, your Au Pairs friends from different countries and the people around you.  Just listen and enjoy the encounters with people from a different culture. Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the unknown.
  • RespectLearn to respect your family’s ways.   Different cultures and families have their own reasons and ways of doing things. Just because the children are raised differently than you were or will raise your children, does not make it wrong.  Respect and follow the host family’s house rules.
  • Trust. To get the most out of your experience, open up to those who are around you. Your host parents  may become trusted mentors that you can easily confide in. Your Local Area Representative, Au Pair Sis and your Au Pairs friends are part of the supported network, you can relay on.
  • Speak up. You need to tell your host family if something is wrong because otherwise they have no way of finding out.  If you don’t know something, ask!  No question is a bad question. Your host family is your main resource for any questions and problems you have while living  together.
  • Have fun. Find out your kids interests and what they like to do.  Plan many activities and have fun together. This will make your job very rewarding and easy. Go out with your host family and friends, Explore new places, go to museums, cultural events, shows,  and concerts. Plan your time ahead, make a list of your favorite place to visit.  Stay connected with other Au Pairs and Au Pair Sis on facebook. Stay positive, outgoing, and enthusiastic.

  • Enjoy your Au Pair Year!



Au Pair Sis blog

Au Pair Sis

The Au Pair Sis program becomes very popular among the Au Pair community and Host Families. The Au Pair Sis has hundreds of friends and thousands” likes” on facebook.

Janine, the Local Area Representative for the New Jersey Au Pairs, became Au Pair Sister to many Au Pairs from Go Au Pair agency as well.  She created an interactive and fun community for Au Pairs and provides ongoing support and advice.


Janine has very informative Au Pair Sis blog on the Go Au Pair website. The Au Pair Sis constantly answers questions that Au Pairs have. She also helps with the tips that improve their experience with Host Families and gives some advice on how to adjust to a new culture.

welcome to Go Au PaThe Au Pair Sis recorded tons of movies that are very helpful for Au Pairs and Host Families. I personally love to watch the videos about cultural differences. Please watch this interesting video Gifts from Beijing about meaningful gifts that the Au Pair Ophelia from China brought to her host family from Philadelphia.

The Au Pair Sis program enhances the quality of the child care Au Pairs provide for host families. Please check the exclusive Interview with Au Pair Sis on aupairclearinghouse.com

Things to do for Au Pairs in Bucks County, PA

The host mom Sylvia M, created this list of fun activities to do in Bucks County, PA for her Au Pair and kindly allowed me to share it on my blog.
Au Pairs try different things
 Starbuck coffee: get a coffee with free wifi
 Corners Bakery: good meals (free wifi?)
 Starbuck coffee: get a coffee with free wifi
NEW HOPE : Touristic/ eclectic town with people coming from New York and others.
 Starbuck coffee: get a coffee with free wifi (address: 4-A east bridge Street)
 Dunkin Donuts: inexpensive sandwich, coffee desert (free wifi?)
 McDonald: inexpensive meal (address: 324 W. Bridge Street)
 “C’est La Vie”: French Bakery…few seating outside with view on the River
ALBERTVILLE: city across the New Hope Bridge
 “Colonial Farm”: get a coffee outside and eat a good lunch (10.00/meal)
“Washington Crossing Historic Park” & Museum (America History)…215-493-4076
 “Delaware & Raritan Canal State park” (take a walk or ride bicycle)
 “Old Scenic Train” in New Hope: take picture or take a ride
 “Summer Fireworks” on the river : every Friday at 9:30 PM in New Hope
 “Bowman Hill Tower”: address 1 tower road in New Hope (open seasonally/ Tues to Sun)
 “Buck County Playhouse” (theatre/ play)..215-862-2121 in New Hope
(also theatre in Newtown)
 “The Parry Mansion Museum” in New Hope 215-862-5652
 “Buck County Childrens Museums” in New Hope 215-693-1290
 “Farmstead Museum” in Lambertville ….609-397-2752
 “Howell Farm” in New Hope ( experience farm living a century ago)…609-737-3299
Or get Lost in corn labyrinth, near Titusville
Prallsville Mills (near Stockton city)
“Mercer Museum” concrete castle in Doylestown….www.mercermuseum.org
 Boat ride on Delaware river (advertised in New Hope)
 Hirsley Park in PA
Point Pleasant 215-297-5000
Near Rosemont city, 866-800-4FUN
 “Bamboo” in Philadelphia (take train from Yardley)
 “Zee Bar” in Philadelphia (take train from Yardley)
 “Oxford Valley mall” in Langhorne (also Train from Yardley)

(Septa bus stop) #127 and #130
At “Oxford Valley Mall”

Do you known any fun things to do, or place to visit, or to meet up with Au Pairs in Newtown, New Hope Yardley or Lambertville? Add them to this list. Go and meet new friends and don’t be bored.Au Pairs Bucks County, New Hope

Read through the eyes of the Chinese Au Pair.

By Chinese Au Pair Plum Yang .

The Au Pair from Go Au Pair agency, Plum  has been leaving in Newtown, Bucks County,  PA for 10 months and she is taking care of three kids ages 21 months, and 3 and 5 years old.Au Pair from China

Chinese people are very polite. In China, we all answer carefully the questions because we are not willing to break one’s heart or disappointed him.  Indirect speaking attitude is our purpose.

In China, we need to help our parents as they raised us and helped us before. We don’t have a good welfare system for older people.  Even now, when it is a little better, parents think that their kids are only hope for the rest of their life.china

China is very popular for looking for a boyfriends and girlfriend on the TV show.

The important requirements for Chinese girl, who seek her ideal man, mostly are have a stable income, a house, a car, and a good look! Some girls were going extremely said that they would rather crying in the BMW car than smiling on the bicycle.China Show

Many Chinese girls are very traditional. Their marriage just depends on what their parents desire. Their parents recommended them some guys that they like, then the girl need to choose one even even she does not like him very much. Otherwise parents will get very angry with their daughter.

Host families consider Chinese Au Pairs for their infants and toddlers.

The new Au Pair Diana from China just joined the Philadelphia and NJ cluster of Go Au Pair agency this week. Her host family from NJ has two month old and two year old sons and had considered a Chinese Au Pair.Au Pair from China

Families, who have Chinese Au Pairs, say that they are calm and patient and it is a good childcare choice for infants and toddles. Many host families choose Au Pairs from China for their infants because Chinese Au Pairs are mature and have experience working with babies. Almost all Chinese Au Pairs (93%) of Go Au Pair’s Au Pairs are over the age of 21.

Most of Chinese Au Pairs are infant qualified and have experience in working with the group of babies.  They are specially doing great with infants because  it is a very common in China to work in daycare or orphanage before becoming an Au Pair. Chinese Au Pairs are usually cautious and heath oriented, they can help with establishing routine naps, meals, and bedtime and keeping safe and healthy home environment for the baby.


An infant qualified Au Pair provides quality child care that includes preparing and feeding bottles, washing bottles and cleaning up after meals.  The Au Pair also does laundry for the kids, changes diapers, bathes and dresses babies, plays, talks, and sings to the baby.

Tai Au Pair

In addition to being  great nannies for small kids, Chinese Au Pairs are willing to help with house chores and to cook a delicious and healthy meals. Read the top ten reasons to consider an Au Pair from China

The host families who matched with Chinese Au Pairs have said that Chinese Au Pairs are family oriented, love playing with kids, are well mannered and respectful of host parents and elders.


In honor of Go Au Pair featured country, families who match with an Au Pair from China in April Go Au Pair agency offered a $100 off the program fees.

Go above and beyond basic childcare.

The Au Pairs go above and beyond basic childcare. They help with laundry, homework, driving, meal preparation, and light housekeeping for children.

Au PairThey also are looking forward to do more things with kids

playing a lot of sports
creating new projects together,
reading, dancing, singing,
going to parks, zoos, museums, sport games, libraries,
teaching  their language,
introducing their culture,
preparing  their home country’s dishes for the whole family

adoption hands

Au Pairs are more than care providers; many of them are teachers, coaches, and cheerleaders, they teach kids a lot of new things. Most Au Pairs are sporty, well mannered and respectful of host parents and elders and serve as an example for the children. Au Pairs are often become the good role models and kid’s friends. The children  form a close attachment to them.

The Au Pairs participate in the host family lives and activities of the children, becomes a part of the families, a big sisters/brothers to host family kids. The Au Pair acts as an older sibling and host children imitate her/his behavior.

Au pair reading

Go Au Pair has many outstanding Au Pairs. This year several Au Pairs from the Philadelphia and NJ cluster were nominated by their host families for Au Pair of the 2013 Year Award .  The Au Pair Phila  from South Africa was recognized as Go Au Pair 2012 Au Pair in Excellence winner.

Read more about the amazing experience this family is having with an Au Pair Phila.

The Au Pairs go above and beyond basic childcare, so many of  host families  from Go Au Pair switched the Au Pair program.

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